Mortgage Madness (1/3): BBC2 – 29/10/2003

Original broadcast (UK): Wednesday 29 October 2003, 7.30pm, BBC TWO.

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Part 1
00:00 – 01:10 : Introduction.
01:10 – onwards : Andy Ashford from Ealing, London.
02:32 – 03:04 : Brief overview of the UK housing market (2003).
03:04 – 06:14 : Liar Loan #1 – Undercover at Rolfe East estate agents.
06:14 – 06:58 : Tony Shaw QC highlights the criminality of committing mortgage fraud.
06:58 – 08:10 : Andy Ashford contemplates mortgage fraud to avoid being priced out any further.
08:10 – 09:01 : Dr Desmond Fitzgerald identifies the risks of borrowing in excess of 6x your income.

“BBC TWO’s The Money Programme has revealed a huge mortgage fraud with brokers from some of Britain’s biggest estate agents and financial advice groups advising customers to break the law and lie about their incomes to get massively bigger mortgages.

And it shows how the illicit cash raised by this method has been pouring into the housing market, boosting prices and leaving many people risking financial ruin.

The Money Programme found that during the investigation brokers advised the undercover researchers to lie on applications for self-certified mortgages from, among others, The Bank of Scotland, The Mortgage Business and Birmingham Midshires.

All three are part of the Halifax Bank of Scotland Group Britain’s biggest mortgage lender.

The Money Programme requested an interview with HBOS Chief Executive James Crosby but he declined to be interviewed.”

James Crosby was knighted for services to the finance industry in June 2006. RBS bank boss Fred Goodwin was knighted in June 2004.


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