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Bridging finance can be an effective short term financing solution. with minimal referencing and paperwork, if you need to raise capital fast to complete on a property. or another project then please contact us below and one of our dedicated consultants will contact you to discuss your options. Bridging finance is available through a number of sources such as private individuals and foreign banks operating here in the UK. For example if you are a home owner with a mortgage and that house you have always wanted comes onto the market and you need to complete quickly. One solution would be to bridge the purchase of your new property without having to sell your existing property in order to complete on the purchase, in some cases the bridging loan company will give you up to 6 months to sell the existing property and repay the loan. The bridging loan company will help you raise the money you need to put down a deposit on the purchase, then the loan is repaid when you sell or remortgage your current property.

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