Misleading Banking System Story New Zealand TV1 6pm News 10-7-14

New Zealand TV1 News Thursday 10 July gave the most inaccurate misleading description of how banking is structured in New Zealand.
Please read this to see on the record from official international and national legislation exactly how banking truly is structured and then ask why such an inaccurate misleading description would ever make it on to a mainstream media prime time news slot?
New Zealand’s domestic banks organise a loan and then refinance with foreign private central bankers at a lower rate of interest to cut a profit margin – how those foreign private central bankers fund themselves – who those foreign private central bankers are and – just how much they have gained from what is clearly a systemic pyramid scam.
What the private banking industry is attempting to cover up with inaccurate misleading lies is that there exists an easy way out from them harvesting the citizens and businesses of honest enterprise all the way back into peasant tenantry – evidenced here;