MGTOW Australia – Decreasing Costs by 66 percent

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MGTOW Australia-Shelter and Decreasing Your costs by 66%

We all need a place to live, a place to feel comfortable in. But today, especially in a place like Sydney Australia, the cost of living is very expensive. To rent An average 3 bedroom house would cost anywhere between 0 to 0 per week.

For me, the setup was purely co-incidental as I did live in this house with my X, but when she had left, I ended up with 2 spare Bedrooms.

I ended up advertising these spare bedrooms on Gumtree Australia, and rent out each bedroom for 0. Now that’s an extra 0 per week in my pocket, leaving me having to pay the remaining 0 for rent, out of the 0 per week. So I pretty much pay 33% of what is owed from me on the lease agreement. There are other expenses that can be covered such as electricity, gas and water bills, where one can easily split the bills 3 ways and end up paying 33 percent of what is outstanding.

It is easy to find a place to stay via shared accomodation, but most places that are half decent would charge alot more than 0, to be precise, they would charge around 0 to 0 for a room via shared accomodation.

There are other cons that strike a Man if he went pursuing this route in a blind gynocratic way, and one con being having to pay your rent to a Female. I have a relative who pays rent to a Female and lives a couple of suburbs away from where I live. Initially, a couple of months ago when he first moved in, he said to me that it was an awesome place and he was paying 0 per week, and that the Female that he paid his rent to, was cool and stuff. He called me a few days ago, on Saturday to be specific, explaining to me that she is a control freak, she comes every second day to the house to check up on things and has become a mean, two faced bitch. One of the biggest problems that he faced is the fact that she would always take the word of the other person that was renting out the other Bedroom who, you guessed it, is a Female.

The best way to get into a shared accomodation type of situation is to actually rent the whole place out Yourself. The outlay may be a little more costly, but You will save a hell of alot in the long run, not only on money, but even on headaches.

For example, there is a 3 bedroom duplex house that is being offered for 0 per week. These days, real estate agents want four weeks rent in advance, now that’s 00 upfront. As soon as You get the house, You can advertise shared accomodation right away on Gumtree Australia.

There will be heaps of benefits.

The first benefit is the fact that once You have two other people living in this property via shared accomodation, the house will cost You a lot less than if You were renting on your own, and also if you were to share off somebody else. In this instance, once two people are paying you per week, you are left having to pay 0 out of your pocket, where as SOMEWHERE else, it would have cost you around 0 out of pocket.

Another benefit is the fact that You get to choose who can stay in this house. When people call or message you for this property, you will quite easily be able to screen these people for who and what you want. Females don’t get to stay in this property, it’s as simple as that. You don’t want any headaches, drama’s or problems, and if your switched on, you know that it’s a Males Only Zone.

Real Estate agents always have a prefereance for tenants that have no children so fear not if you think that you have a hard chance of getting that property that your after. On the contrary, the chances for you getting the keys to that property are going to be greater than anybody else that’s trying to rent that property.

You don’t have to live with any body’s whining, whinging, nagging, abusive, manipulative behaviour.

Yes, if you were to get a place that is advertised on Gumtree or another platform for shared accomodation, then that place is going to come with furniture already provided. But you will be paying way more than the cost of that funiture by the end of only one year.

There are alternative ways that one can purchase furniture. You can get furniture brand new, or you can get used furniture. Either way it’s up to you. But at the end of the day, you will be spending a few thousand dollars on furniture that you will end up having back in your pocket from the huge savings you will make.

After you have your place, with your own furniture in it, it will cost you 0.00 per week to live in. Now, if you were renting your place from somebody else, that exact same place will cost you around 0 to per week to live in. That’s a dollar saving per week, which is a saving of 00 saving per year.

12 thoughts on “MGTOW Australia – Decreasing Costs by 66 percent

  1. I thumbed this one up before even listening to it. I knew I’d love it!
    I’m on the same sheet of paper. When I bought my condo I rented the spare
    bedroom and spare bathroom to fellow gamer geeks. Like minded roommates are
    awesome. I was going to do the same thing with this house but then my Dad
    said he’d like to be my roommate. I happen to love the guy so I was happy
    to share the place with him. I charge him the family rate of 200 a month.
    Man the housing costs in your country are insane! That’s friggen brutal!

  2. Rent is to high now a days. In the U,S there are 10 vacant houses per 1
    homeless person, It is a good idea to share a bigger home with Male only
    room mates, The brotherhood is growing,.

  3. Easiest place to get furniture:

    Go to the residential buildings of any downtown core close to the city’s
    financial district. Guaranteed, every one of these buildings will have ikea
    and other types of furniture laying about in their delivery garage.
    Most of these buildings are filled with university students and rich
    married women burning through fashionable furniture. Every month new people
    will be coming and going. It pays to be buddies with security staff at
    these places, just offer to clear their furniture junk for them at no cost
    to them. I’ve even seen people toss out flat/large screen TV’s, just
    because they were moving out in a hurry.

  4. for the sake of anyone new to this channel I will repost.
    I live 6 months of the year in Thailand.
    and pay 150 Canadian dollars a month.
    8 year old hotel very clean.
    elevator to 8th floor.
    balcony north facing view of mountains.
    fully furnished TV with 100 channels
    fan and air conditioning.
    the building has a pool and a weight room
    $10 a month for Internet
    and I pay for electricity


  5. I’ve always had problems with every room-mate, but I understand not
    everyone can afford to live alone…

  6. i don’t drink, don’t smoke, no partying and of course MGTOW. makes it
    rather hard to find like minded people among a lot of other things.

  7. My 2br house in Florida is paid off. Owned it 25 years. Taxes are 700 a
    year. I don’t do roommates… Besides, other room is an office. Adding
    solar soon. House 2 doors down sold for 200k, so it’s a decent
    neighborhood, outside of the neighborhood manginas & feminazi’s. They are
    everywhere in U.S. tho.

  8. I was born in the Land Downunder but was forced to migrate to a South-East
    Asian country due to the exorbitant cost of living there.

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