Men Must Stop Going To Night Clubs !!!

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25 thoughts on “Men Must Stop Going To Night Clubs !!!

  1. That’s why you NEVER apologize to women, a woman will whine, whine, whine
    until she gets what she wants, that is….until she wants more. NEVER let a
    female boss you around, wtf would those feminists have done if the guy told
    them to fuck off? Stopped supporting his company? I’m sure they did
    that….Stopped supporting him? I’m sure they did that…..Stopped
    supporting space travel? Lol they’re feminists, they don’t have a
    functioning brain to do that!

    As far as the billion dollar pussy, can’t really blame her. She’s going to
    get AT LEAST a billion, if she has an opportunity to go for more, she is
    just showing us the female psychology I describe above, NOTHING IS EVER
    ENOUGH which is why:

    Don’t apologize
    Don’t give them ANY of your resources (time/money/emotional investment),
    UNLESS they give that to you first or it’s a relationship of mutual/your
    benefit (most relationships aren’t)

    Lol @ night clubs, all men need to do is just read the following:

  2. Damn straight, i have never gone to a nightclub ever, and i am 22 years
    old. I don’t drink and i don’t party, it is overrated bullshit. Just lift,
    be the best ”you” that you can be, much better than this nightclub BS

  3. Right i’m 21, a university student, i lift weights, don’t drink, smoke or
    do drugs of any kind. I always felt like an outcast all my life and about a
    year ago i discovered mgtow, and with that lui, sandman, stardusk, bar bar
    and many others. I cant express how happy and free i am now, and its all
    thanks to people like lui who make these videos about how life truly is.
    Without them i would still be a hopeless and depressed blue piller. Listen
    to what lui and others have to say, it might open your eyes. Paix et longue
    vie Lui

  4. Some people are missing the message here which is basically that society is
    designed in a way, so that men are constantly surrounded by women who
    manipulate their sexual impulses/instincts by dressing provocatively. We
    literally see hundreds of scantily clad women every day be it in the
    subway, at the grocery store or in the media. We do not have access to most
    of these women for different reasons:

    1 – it’s physically impossible (billboards, etc)
    2 – They are not sexually available
    3 – They only intend to arouse us without actually putting out
    4 – etc..

    Why do these women dress provocatively and seek attention from hundreds of
    men, majority of whom they wouldn’t even be interested in as partners?
    Well, it empowers them to know that they are being desired. It strokes
    their ego and they love it. This is why even married women or women with
    boyfriends still go out dressed provocatively.

    If you know this to be true, why would you willingly frustrate yourself by
    looking at what you can’t realistically have anyway? (It’s a fact that out
    of the hundreds of women you come across each day, you can only
    realistically have access to a small percentage of them, you can’t have
    every hot woman at the gym for example). Why would you allow these women to
    use you as a tool to stroke their ego? You should take back that control
    and free yourself from this slavery. 

  5. As an ex-DJ ive seen the club scene from both sides, the consumer and the
    money makers. Its a disgusting, cynical industry. Ive seen girlfriends
    openly kiss a bf right after sucking another dick in the toilets. literally
    disgusting. Over time the scene changed, women became more hostile, the men
    more beta and supplemental. As an alpha i hate it, i hate being around
    weakness. Lift weights, eat healthy. being strong and muscular is my way of
    saying “Fuck You” to the whole world that says i have to bend over, cower,
    and be a beta. my response? Fuck You

  6. I stopped going to clubs a decade ago, all you see at clubs are dirty
    skanks whores prostituting themselves for small stuff like a drink. Cheap
    ass bitches.

  7. I’m shaking my head yes! You are very right! But even when I go grocery
    shopping it’s the same thing. All these chicks are wearing yoga pants and
    daisy dukes. It drives me crazy! 

  8. im 25 so fuckin sick of nightclubs, the older I get the more truthful I am
    about myself and what kind of person I am. I’ve never liked the taste of
    alcohol, I don’t and will never do drugs. Even the music they play makes me
    want to tear my ears off.

  9. I salute you mr marco, I’m only 19 and i see you as a roll model i want to
    be a world champion boxer and i think following your advice can help me get

  10. If men stop going to night clubs, then all night clubs will go bankrupt and
    close. It is only men who buy drinks in night clubs. Bitches get-in for
    free, and then dumb blue-pill fools pay everybody drinks at the bars. Night
    clubs really are toxic for men.

  11. $1bn?!!! That would set me up for life and can help feed starving
    countries. These women are ungrateful spoilt brats. Fuck
    Marriage. You can date, you can mate or even have relationships, but never

  12. bro. my life consists of lifting, eating, friends, family, peaceful
    holidays, studies. none of that bullshit drinking smoking getting drunk
    bullshit that apparently makes you happy bruh. BULLSHIT. ive never been to
    a nightclub in my life bruh

  13. Lui Marco I have to disagree with you about what you think are the only
    possible outcomes to marriage. I have a very different situation than
    anything you have heard of. The perfect scenario. I’ll fill you in if you’d
    like to know about it. I guarantee after hearing what I will tell you your
    opinion will change 

  14. I was a bartender. Most women or 99 percent go their for the purpose to
    empty men’s wallet

  15. I was at the clubs just last night at my friend’s request. Young girls in
    bras everywhere acting like I need to chase them with every fiber of my
    being or else they’d act like I’m not there. You know why so many women
    like the chase? Because being pursued doesn’t make you accountable for the
    consequences, and women are still programmed to be victims. “Chase me
    because I’m a woman who didn’t have equal rights in the late 1800’s” does
    not fly with me — you’ve had more than equal everything since 1967 when
    the second-wavers hijacked affirmative action from people who actually need
    it. Today you’re a victim of nothing, just your own choices. If there is
    ever a female I get with, she is going to know her history, be level
    headed, objective and determined to act her age.

  16. Clubs are mainly for people who like to party and can mingle with a crowd.
    But if any guy is going for the sole purpose to only get laid, but don’t
    posses the party going life that goes with it, then you’re a lost cause.
    The men who tend to get lucky are the ones who have a rep and are known
    around town, and for women, that gives them access to more doors opening
    when they hang with those guys, so they are quick to give it up to them
    rather than a random guy.

    There is more to the topic, but I think this is a pretty base knowledge
    that I’m pointing out. I’ve been to clubs before and they are not for me.

  17. Lol good vid thanks. I stop going to clubs 5 yrs ago. But theres still
    little a devil telling me to go to clubs. But i ignore that little shit.
    To be honest i still slip out every blue moon. I even feel guilty about

  18. Lmfao… I think lui is frustrated AF, he was probably at a club last night
    and got blue balls 

  19. Role model…”don’t go to night clubs!” Aaaahhaa!! Worry you’re mind about
    something worth worrying about…April fools or idiot Lui Marco..

  20. Well said man, I have never had a good time at a night club. Its a waist of
    money and time. The girls who go, usually go with their own group

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