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MCCA – Islamic Finance and Investments

MCCA is a part of your community as a co-operative we are owned by our members. Since beginning operations in 1989 MCCA has cemented its position at the forefront of Sharia compliant finance and investment in Australia. And our profits return to our members via share dividends.

Home ownership is an important part of Australian life and MCCA has assisted thousands of Muslim families to realise their goal without compromising their principles or sacrificing quality of service. And if you think that Halal finance is more expensive than the banks then look again youll find weve got some of the most competitive rates around!

MCCA is a living example of Islamic principles in practice. We provide innovative products for individuals and businesses, enabling them to participate fully in economic life without compromising the tenets of their faith. And Australian Muslims are not alone Sharia compliant finance is the fastest growing sector of the international finance industry!

Our products are specially developed to meet the needs of Australian Muslims and to provide an alternative to mainstream financing. Each of our products is approved by our Sharia Board.

MCCA’s National Number 1300 724 734