Macro 4.1- The Financial Sector

I explain the key terms of the financial sector, including: assets, liabilities, loans, bonds, stocks, and interest rates.

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7 thoughts on “Macro 4.1- The Financial Sector

  1. What do you already know about money and the financial sector? Watch this
    video to learn more. #ACDCEcon #APEcon

  2. Awesome channel, Mr. Clifford. Really learned a lot from your videos. 😀 I
    was wondering though if you would ever go over some more advanced theories
    like the time inconsistency problem or the Ricardian Equivalence. I feel
    like students like me can really benefit from the ACDC touch and
    perspective to have a better understanding of these concepts.

  3. Hi Mr. Clifford . i enjoy watching your videos. It helped me a lot in my
    studies. But sometimes i have to pause the video so often because you talk
    sooooo fast. Anyway thank you for making me understand more about the

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