Luimarco How Did You Free Your Self From Corporate Slavery ???

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24 thoughts on “Luimarco How Did You Free Your Self From Corporate Slavery ???

  1. Consumerism is an infection which causes people to want things they don’t
    need. The solution isn’t to earn more, but to spend less and only buy what
    you really need. Then you won’t need to work as much, and you can invest
    spare time and money in bettering and enjoying yourself. When I finish
    university I want to start my own business, then hopefully I can become
    free like you Lui. 

  2. Does anyone know if whey becomes more digestible if you bake it? I added
    three scoops (120 grams by weight, 105 grams of protein) to a batch of
    brownies and it seemed to be a little easier for me to digest. Thanks! :)

  3. What I learnt early on is to keep my work life and my personal life
    I know if you are too open about your personal life I can cause issues and
    be used against you.

  4. This reminds me of when I was working in the oilfield most of the fucking
    retards there are married, I was about the only single man and when
    “valentine’s day” came one of them asked me over the radio “hey bro what
    are you gonna do for valentine’s day” I looked around and could see the
    smile in their smug faces as they we’re laughing… I left a couple of
    months after and since then I heard two of them got divorced, one his wife
    wiped out his bank account and the other had to go live with one of the
    crew members, at that time I had replied “just wait it’s just a matter of
    time” it was like sweet revenge for me to hear that, it was like constant
    pricking at you with all that condescending bullshit that I wasn’t married.

  5. I salute you Lui, thank you for continuing your excellent work on this
    channel and your fitness channel, you’re a big inspiration to me and
    something that I aspire to achieve myself as far as being entirely
    financially independent and growing things in the same way you have grown
    them. Thanks again and keep up the awesome fucking work!

  6. I enjoyed this video man, I’m 33 and I’m working on becoming my own boss
    someday soon too. I’m the only guy at work that doesn’t have kids or isn’t
    married. Been single my whole life. I see what all these other guys have to
    deal with on a daily and I’m still wondering why someone would WANT to put
    themselves in a position like that. Still so much to do in life. I’m not
    ready to put so many limits on what I can do. Being free feels good.

  7. When I was given the chance to retire at 55…I did not think about it
    twice. When I listen to Lui talk about the poison and negativity in the
    job IT rang true. I use to dread getting up at 5 to work from 7 to 4:30
    each day. I love what I did…it was the people and their dramas that
    bothered me. Like women who are bored…they need something to complain,
    shit test and nag. Free at last. No marriage. I get up and go to sleep when
    I want to…and fish every other day. I consume less than I produce.

  8. pourquoi tu restes au québec luimarco ? la météo est horrible là bas !!! TU
    devrais bouger aux US.

  9. It’s possible to be rich and free. Start a business doing something you
    like. You will have to put in work but is it really work if you enjoy what
    you’re doing?

  10. Were you working in a bank or something? IT companies are generally not
    like that or not nearly as bad.

  11. I’m totally down with the minimalist lifestyle. No own car, no own
    house/flat, just rented a cheap small flat with one room/kitchen/bath, what
    more do you truly need?

  12. excellent. I too am looking for something that i can live off of and be my
    own boss. But first, get out of debt. Jut got a new (used) car and i have
    credit card debts from bailing my sister out of some shit. the car and
    credit cards can be paid off in a year. Then student loans. Hell with all
    that debt gone and they fact that im forced to live off of 20%od my total
    net income, with the other 80% freed up in say 2 years. I might just work
    till 35 and get out. Maybe do some investments bqck home in jamaica with
    that beach house property my grandpa left me.

  13. that is correct. Never give up your health, your values, your beliefs for
    money. Ultimately you will end up trying to buy back your health.

  14. I get you, but I’ve never felt so prisoned as the times when I was broke,
    so in many ways money is freedom you know. Freedom to not having to bow to
    the corporate hell and just live.

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