Loan shark accidentally kills client with heart attack during debt extortion – TomoNews

KEELUNG, TAIWAN – Police in Taiwan were called to a hospital where the staff reported that a woman had died after complications from a heart attack. The heart attack resulted from a loan shark gang threatened her with a gun.

The victim, Ms. Lin was 57-years-old and in poor health and owned a loan shark nearly USD ,000. When the loan shark along with her gang came round to collect, Ms. Lin attempted to call her sister to borrow the money. Her sister was out of town, so Ms. Lin begged the gang if she could pay off USD ,000 of her debt now, since that was all the money she had.

The loan shark agreed, but threatened that the gang would return and kill Ms. Lin if she didn’t cough up the money in a week. One of the gang members pulled out a fake gun to make the point sink in.

When Ms. Lin saw the gun, she was so scared she suffered a heart attack and fainted. Initially, the loan shark thought she was faking, but after realizing Ms. Lin wasn’t breathing, they called for an ambulance.

The loan shark and her gang have all been arrested and when asked why they’d called an ambulance for Ms. Lin, the loan shark simply explained that dead clients don’t pay their debts.


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