LIVE: Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis meets Schäuble in Berlin

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is due to meet with his German counterpart Wolfgang Schäuble to continue talks on Greece’s debt, in Berlin on Thursday February 5.
Varoufakis held talks with European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi in Frankfurt a day earlier.


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25 thoughts on “LIVE: Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis meets Schäuble in Berlin

  1. Every country in Europe is equal as partner.Nobody has the right to blame
    her for 5 years. The greek people has suffered from the programme. The
    hospitals has now half bugget. People has half salary and half pension. A
    great part of our population has no job and no medical care. Many have
    suicide from despair. 500 joung people is immigrands among them my only
    son.I do nt think that I ll see his children TO PLAY OR TO GO SCHOOL EVERY

  2. Αναπάντεχα λογικός ο Σόιμπλε και εκπληκτικά Τεράστιος ο Βαρουφάκης. Δεξιός
    πρώην ΝΔ, δεν συμφωνώ σε όλα με το ΣΥΡΙΖΑ (δεν πιστεύω στο μεγάλο κράτος),
    αλλά ρε παιδί μου ΠΡΩΤΗ φορά στα 34 μου χρόνια που βλέπω έναν Έλληνα
    πολιτικό που έχει κάποιο ειδικό βάρος. Ρε γαμώτο αριστερός ή δεξιός δεν
    έχει σημασία, το σίγουρο είναι πως ανεξαρτήτως κόμματος τα τελευταία χρόνια
    κάναμε Εθνοπατέρες τους χειρότερους της χώρας και όχι τους καλύτερους. Να
    είσαι Αριστερός, να είσαι τέτοιος ρε φίλε. Respect.

  3. Soimple is the typical politician, long vague generic, boring analysis,
    repeating himself, overstating the obvious (for him) without adding
    anything new… hiding meanings and messages that you have to extract by
    reading between the lines etc. Varoufakis on the other hand is a pleasure
    to listen to, straight to the point, doesnt talk like a politician but like
    a normal person, makes a mark to the audience’s minds and hearts by
    challenging their logic and emotions… I hope after listeing to him the
    German people will understand that he is not the stalinist that seeks a
    standof or wants to turn Europe into soviet union as the right wing Greek,
    German and European media were trying to portrey him so far by distorting
    his views and statements…

  4. Notice how Schäuble lost his words when he was asked about SIEMENS
    the German government is guilty and corrupted and they ve been covering him

  5. PLEASE: Send Mr. Schäuble to Greece, so he can prove how well his “great”
    ideas work to solve the crisis. And to complete the deal, leave Mr.
    Varoufakis here in Germany as a replacement, so that we have at least one
    intelligent, eloquent and well-mannered politician.

  6. Let us guess the conversation, a huis clos, between Wolfgang Schauble and
    Yanis Varoufakis;. Yanis says (paraphrased) “I know exactly how you ganged
    up with Goldman Sachs to totally shaft my Country! You know you did shaft
    Greece! and soon the World will know how you did it! You loaned us Billions
    to buy Derivatives that Goldman Sachs staff there described as “GOAT SHIT!”
    Ask Nomi Prins! who blew the whistle on this criminal scam! In fact you
    loaned Greece worthless paper to buy CDS fraudulent equity, that you had
    prior knowledge was more worthless paper! Simply that! ~ Wolfgang:- “Oh!
    No! No! No!…it was nothing like that, and we never loaned fiat money to
    Greece, that we conjured out of thin air, and charged insane interest on
    the loan that cost us absolutely nothing!…waffle”! waffle!
    waffle!…etc. ” 

  7. Dear greeks, I would like to invite You to Lithuania. Our unemployment rate
    is low (as all jobless have emigrated of course:D ), so now our country is
    in deep lack of workforce. We need a lot of IT engineers, we need
    bartenders, we need construction workers, electricians. IT engineer may get
    as much as 1200EUR and some get up to 3000EUR, construction workers wage
    starts from 450EUR (but you can earn more if you work as a sole proprietor,
    of course your work hours are unlimited then), electrician may get
    800-1000EUR or more. Of course there is some bad news-Your wages will be
    1/2 to 1/3 of what you get (or got) in Greece. Living may be a bit
    expensive, (old 1 room flat rent costs some 120EUR municipal taxes not
    included, central heating for that flat may be up to 50EUR, 1cubm cold
    water-1.7EUR), although it isnt impossible. And most important-you will
    have a job! Remember? This is EU and we all have freedom to work anywhere!

  8. Two very structural comments made by Mr. Varoufakis were worth promoting to
    the Greek public by their media outlets if not done so, and they are…

    First, Greece needs access to track corrupt individuals who slip away, and
    no doubt this also has to do with Mr. Christoforakos who escaped Greece and
    nested in Germany after the ignominous Siemens scandal.

    Second, that the program as it is, and which had been implimented by the
    previous government, was attacking the lower level of the Greek community
    (middle and poor class) whilst it allowed the upper level of the Greek
    community (the elite) to remain at a safe distance from contributing, and
    this needs to be reversed.

    Those two points were all the meat and potatoes of this press conference;
    anything else was a pass timer.

  9. Varoufakis meets Schäuble 40:55
    “We have to be able to look our citizens into the eyes and say there is no
    immunity from prosecution in this Eurozone of ours” 

  10. German news paper call our minister beggar!! How rude! Back in 1953 Greece
    aloud to Germany to eliminate her debts. We are gentle people and we

  11. It seems they “suicide” the ex financial manager of Siemens, Heinz-Joachim
    Neubuerger, responsible for the Greek scandal case. The CDU is not a
    political party, they are fucking gangsters.

  12. 41:50 Schäuble is nailed. That hypocrite says that he does not like to
    talk bad about other countries.
    Really? This is what you are doing for the past 5 years Mr. and not only in
    your county but all over the Eu.
    But as we see after this interview the former CFO of Siemens committed
    Good for you and for your corrupted country mr. Schäuble.
    Bravo Germany kill them all cause that way we never learn who is behind all
    the corruption all over EU.
    Shame to the Germans who come out and blame others as their country is
    using tactics from their dark past.
    Shame to all EU to let this kind of corruption to humiliate their country

  13. Shame on Germany! They destroyed europe with two world wars. After the end
    of the wars, it was a big mistake that world left them to be a strong
    political and economical country. They have forgotten their history very

  14. Yanis Varoufakis is very impressive. I wish we had someone of his caliber
    in a position of power the UK.

  15. I Like Greece, It’s a great country. It;s the people, their the problem!
    People of Greece are: LAZY!!! want everything for nothing.
    Just wanna lay around do nothing
    Lazy people are like rotten apples; leave one rotten apple next to a
    healthy one and both will rot. Laziness is a disease, a serious one, and it
    has gotten worse in Greek society.

  16. The most important economic speech in history – I hope you can read between
    the lines this is “shove your fuckin’ debt up your ass IMF, ECB and EU!”
    There is silence for the first 10 minutes or so…better buy some bitcoin
    the domino’s will roll.

  17. “Η Γερμανία πρέπει να βομβαρδίζεται κάθε 50 χρόνια, δεν έχει σημασία να
    ξέρεις τον λόγο. Τον ξέρουν αυτοί.”
    Ουίνστον Τσώρτσιλ

  18. Long live Hellas! and long live Jianis Varoufakis!….To hell with the
    German Germs!…Germans inhuman can never change to be a little bit

  19. This monstrosity called Schäuble is going to destroy Eurozone with
    his obsession on austerity

  20. As long as Greece is in the Euro they will not reform. They don’t have a
    desire to solve their self-inflicted problems, like tax-dodging,
    corruption, nepotism, inflexible job-market, etc. Instead its always the
    others fault, because the “evil Troika” allegedly enforces “austerity” on

    Only when they are outside the Euro, have their own currency again, and can
    blame nobody else they will (maybe) tackle those problems. And then
    they’ll learn that money doesn’t grow on trees. Of course they can print
    then any amounts of money they like, to finance any anti-austerity politics
    they wish. Unfortunately though this money won’t be worth anything. The
    emotionally immature Greeks have to learn it the hard way, it’s the only

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