Lincoln University Energy Efficiency Loan

Loan recipients benefit from increased occupant comfort in their buildings and reduced energy costs. The financing also frees up tax dollars that school districts, higher education facilities and local governments can use for essential services or other capital improvements. Loan recipients repay the loan with money saved on energy costs as a result of implementing the energy-efficiency projects. These loans are not defined as debt, so the loan financing does not count against debt limits or require a public vote or bond issuance.

Since the fund was initiated in 1989, the Division of Energy has loaned more than 2 million for energy-efficiency projects.

Examples of eligible projects include:

•Heating and air conditioning upgrades.
•Lighting improvements.
•Building insulation.
•Window replacements.
•Renewable energy systems.
Applications will be reviewed on a competitive basis until all available funds are awarded.

Download the information booklet and application form at