Lehman Brothers Collapse “Like a Massive Earthquake” Sep 15

Sep 15, 2008.
The venerable Lehman Brothers investment bank said early Monday that it will file for bankruptcy, while Bank of America unveiled plans to buy Merrill Lynch — two pieces of news that profoundly alter the American financial landscape.

The fast-paced changes capped a roller-coaster Wall Street weekend and threatened to stir up U.S. financial markets already reeling from woes at other major financial firms and mortgage financing titans Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

“This crisis is clearly deeper than anybody had imagined only a short time ago,” Peter Stein, an associate editor at The Wall Street Journal in Asia, told CNN.

Lehman Brothers said in a statement early Monday that it plans to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The 158-year-old investment bank had been undermined by bad bets on real estate — the value of its shares declined 94 percent this year.

The fall of Lehman followed a wild, three-day scramble by top Wall Street executives and federal regulators, who worked around the clock to come up with a solution to a still-unfolding financial crisis.

By the end of the weekend, the Federal Reserve had stepped in to try to calm the markets by announcing plans to loosen its lending restrictions on the banking industry.

A consortium of 10 leading domestic and foreign banks agreed to create a billion fund for loans to troubled financial firms.



Sep. 15, 2008.
Global markets were reeling Monday after a convulsive day on Wall Street that saw a leading U.S. investment bank file for bankruptcy and other institutes scramble to merge as the credit crunch claimed one of its biggest victims yet.

Stock prices plunged in Asia and Europe in the wake of investment bank Lehman brothers announcing its collapse and Bank of America’s billion buyout of ailing brokerage Merrill Lynch.

This crisis is clearly deeper than anybody had imagined only a short time ago,” Peter Stein, an associate editor at the Wall Street Journal in Asia, told CNN.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 330 points or 2.9 percent to around 11091 in early trading. In Europe, FTSE index in London declined 3.37 percent while the Paris CAC 40 was down 4.47 percent.

Major Asian indexes were closed but India’s Sensex fell 5.4 percent, Taiwan’s benchmark dropped 4.1, Australia’s key index dropped 2 percent and Singapore fell 2.9.

The turmoil followed a roller-coaster weekend for a Wall Street already concussed by woes at other major financial firms and mortgage-financing titans Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

At one point the U.S. Federal Reserve was forced to step in, announcing plans to loosen lending restrictions to the banking industry in an effort to calm markets, while a consortium of 10 leading domestic and foreign banks agreed a billion fund to lend to troubled financial firms.

In an effort to calm market jitters, the European Central Bank on Monday said it has pumped .6 billion into money markets. The Bank of England in London also took steps, offering nearly billion in a three-day auction.


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  1. why was bear stearns (the world’s 5th largest investment bank) too big to
    fail, so the government help JP morgan bank buy it, but Lehman Brothers
    (the world’s 4th largest investment bank) is allowed to fail?? Smells
    funny. I think both, along with fannie and freddie should all fail; in a
    real free market society.

  2. they are not unemployed they have no where to go now! who is gonna hire
    them all?NO ONE! We are fucked seriously.. the warrants from Lehman will
    definitely becomes toilet papers…Asia Markets will fall dramatically
    tomorrow as Bankers all taking money back to the state. it was a holiday in
    Asia yesterday and sure they will be panic and throw everything out!!
    Americans,McCain or Obama either one becomes the president, they are fucked
    and so is everyone else. u better start praying now

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  8. Now im hearing that AIG is to be put into conservatorship???? FUCKING
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    expense. IM SOOOOO MADDDDD!!!!!! Insurance companies gambling with
    insurance premiums, they lobbied for self regulation and the US government
    let then do what they want. These people should be turned over to the Hague
    for economic war crimes. INDICT EVERYONE

  9. this america aint it take a look this is what u created but now the shits
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  10. I think this will not happen if Bill clinton is the president. US economy
    is strong in the 90s. Thanks to Bill Clinton.

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  12. CNBC reported that Fuld was attacked and “knocked out cold” at the Lehman
    Brothers gym due to Lehman’s declaration of bankruptcy.

  13. It will save trillions, actually. An overextended military was a primary
    contributor to the death of the Roman and British empires. We need to go
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  14. stepper 11 you need to research your countries behaviour. as an empire your
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    so wake up and nudge awake the rest of your fellow countrymen wallowing in
    the same ignorance.

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