Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap (HBO)

John Oliver discusses America’s growing wealth gap and why it may be a problem in the future.

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25 thoughts on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap (HBO)

  1. Maybe I am dumb but I just don’t understand why it’s evil for one person to
    make more money than the other, isn’t income equality communism? 

  2. Personally, I have no problem with wealth inequality if it was fairly
    earned. If you’re lobbying government for special privileges, tax
    loopholes, etc.. I have a problem with that. Otherwise, good on you! Enjoy
    your money, it certainly isn’t my right to take it from you. 

  3. “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not
    as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” –

  4. Someone said “communism”, and used it as a negative.

    I have no problems with communism, not exactly. Communism has failed
    everywhere (to my knowledge), but some of the ideas in communism,
    especially marxism, are actually pretty good.

    One of the ideas I explicitly condone is that you should never be able to
    amass wealth merely by already having wealth.

    There’s all sorts of problems in the world today caused by a majority that
    does not subscribe to this, one of them being a “landed gentry”. Landed
    gentry are people who, through inheritance, can earn money simply by being
    rich, and pass on that privilege to their children through inheritance.
    This causes (as we see today) a polarization of wealth, where an elite
    virtually either owns everything, or will own everything eventually. Let’s
    not name a big western country just north of Mexico and south of Canada
    that has this problem…

    Another is the idea that I should not profit more on people that works for
    me than the value they will likely generate.

    In marxism, this means that the means of production should be owned by the
    workers, thereby making sure that everyone gets their fair share.This
    probably won’t work in reality, but the idea is good, exactly because it
    prevents the “landed gentry” dilemma, by making sure that you won’t can’t a
    secured income by “birthright”.

    If I own a facility, all the workers generate value (or they are fired). If
    I also earn money merely for owning it, then that money is essentially
    something I’m only entitled to because the workers aren’t as rich and
    fortunate as I am.

    You can think what you will, but I do not like the idea that people can
    earn a living simply by being so lucky as to be born by the “right parents”.

    Capitalism might not have failed yet, but to me it sure looks like it’s
    going to. The problem isn’t the capacity of virtually unlimited wealth. The
    problem is that majority of the super rich never earned their own wealth,
    and that their wealth is growing.

  5. If you smoke dope, drop out of high school, have 3 kids by age 25 and have
    no skills and make less than a college graduate – that is the leftist
    definition of income inequality.

  6. My solution to you is to stop buying crap. Period. If you need clothes,
    food, water etc. then buy them, but only buy what you need. Not what you
    want. If you want something don’t buy it. You’ll live without it. Only buy
    what you need, or things that will increase in value. Open a Roth IRA,
    invest $25 a week (or more preferably), buy stock in companies under $20
    with no debt/high cash flow/leaders in the industry and be patient. Keep
    doing that week in and week out. You will be a millionaire in 20 years if
    you follow this strategy. This is the key to wealth. If you don’t do this I
    have no sympathy for you, and you shouldn’t blame anyone for your lot in
    life except yourself.

  7. Sadly, everyone is missing the point on this. The reason the richest are
    getting richer isn’t because they are running successful businesses like
    McDonald’s and Walmart, it’s because they are running major BANKS and are
    getting INVENTED MONEY that is being pulled out of thin air by the Federal
    Reserve and the Federal Government.

    Democrats DO NOT have the solution for this issue, and neither do
    Republicans. The only solution is to get the government OUT of the market.

  8. It’s soo easy to hate wealthy people, until you become wealthy yourself. I
    think that is what a lot of people fail to realize.

  9. i wish the world could just ban money. start working together (yes all
    countries can govern themselves. because we want our own countries) but
    really work together and make the world better for everyone. imagine
    everyone get’s the same you would need in the homes. actually you would get
    a home. the only thing you would have to do is work for the betterment of
    the world. not overwork nothing stressfull but work for everyone and yes
    even for animals heck the entire planet! creativity and science and culture
    would skyrocket! health problems would be tacled faster combining worldwide
    research,and the friggin governments would not hold back technologies that
    would make other corporations loose money. heck wars would sound like a
    silly thing then! if wars were gone the governments would actually have to
    spend time on bettering the world instead of scarring it! god i just made
    myself depressed thinking people would think this is a stupid idea! 

  10. The reason everyone is so afraid of the words “Class Warfare” is because
    there is class warfare. And nobody wants to fucking talk about it cause
    they dont have an answer. Its just, “Well you know that’s just how it is in
    the world. Most everyone gets fucked over and lives a terrible meaningless

    My answer is socialism but everyone’s to fucking scared of the word to
    realize it just means sharing. I dont know maybe someone has a better
    answer, but since nobody wants to have a serious discussion about it… I
    havent heard it.

  11. So, income inequality has increased under Obama then.

    So what happened to “hope and change” Obamaites?

  12. The left has to decide wether they want to help the poor or punish the
    rich. You can’t do both. It’s like saying we all want a healthy economy but
    we don’t anyone to get rich in the process. This British twit is a totally
    ignorant jack ass. Go back to Britian you don’t understand how America

  13. Wealth Inequality is poisoning the American Dream, killing economic
    opportunity for everyone, and hurting the overall economy. It is the #1
    fiscal issue we must keep the spotlight on in order to fix it. 

  14. Was that 71% number completely made up? Forbes currently claims that there
    are more self-made millionaires on the list than inheritors.

  15. We can’t grow our consumer-driven economy if the consumers don’t have
    enough money to CONSUME anything. That’s what the wealthy and their pawns
    don’t realize. Reducing income inequality might give them a slightly
    smaller share of the economy—but we’d have a stronger economy overall
    that would benefit the rich as well. 

  16. All of those saying socialism is the solution also need to take into
    account that corruption exists in every form of economy and government and
    that trying to live by the ideals of anything but capitalism up until now
    has shown little success worldwide without there being some form of
    totalitarian government.

  17. the only solution left is some sort of revolt by the people…i prefer
    non-violent revolt. the three branches of the government are increasingly
    useless for the people…the rich have become richer under Obama than under
    any president in recent memory….Supreme Court justice Roberts, Alito,
    Scalia, Clarence (I never say a word) Thomas is as right wing as ever in
    recent memory and we are all under assault by billionaires (Koch) and their
    lobbyists. investment banks and the stock market shift wealth we working
    people create (either in US or internationally) and funnel that prosperity
    right into the pockets of the ultra rich who own most of the shares of

  18. It is easy: Money which is at some point too much is missing at another
    place. It is mathematically not possible that everyone will become a
    millionaire. For the wealth of a few, the majority has to be poor.

  19. This guy is so full of it. The estate taxes were very high. The Bush tax
    law changes gradually dropped the taxes over a ten year period. Then the
    estate tax after reaching zero came back by the law to around 5 million.
    Our entire country ‘s financial planning for businesses and the wealthy is
    based on Non Ownership to avoid this tax. That is why very few are
    subjected to it. People have planned ahead to avoid it by setting up
    corporations and trusts, which sad to say are not true Ownerships. So his
    rant is based on cockamaney bolshevick ideas and hero worship of the great
    love of his life, yep , how could you guess, his adorable sweetheart,
    Barrack Hussain Obama.

  20. The phrase “income inequality” is a misnomer. Am I obtuse or does it
    suggest that all incomes should be leveled—everyone makes the same? If so,
    then what should be said is Economic Justice. For only starry eyed
    socialists would think that everyone should be paid the same. What I seek
    is justice. That means that the top takes less and the bottom classes
    (Whoops! Hate to use that word!) are paid more: Because It Is Morally

  21. The 30s: the Roaring 20s’ after-party hangover that left everyone thinking
    “Dude, what the f—- just happened?”

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