Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Student Debt (HBO)

John Oliver discusses student debt, which is awful, as well as for-profit colleges, who are awfully good at inflicting debt upon us.

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24 thoughts on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Student Debt (HBO)

  1. Blame the frickin colleges for their outlandish salaries to football
    coaches and administrators. These people don’t need to be making 7 figures,
    especially off of the middle class’s hard earned money.

  2. I always thought that part of growing up and being an adult is actually
    taking personal responsibility for your own life and *paying your own debts*…you
    know, the debts one *agreed to in the first place*. Apparently not.
    Apparently making promises and bitching, moaning, blaming others and doing
    everything one can to black slide is the “correct” course these days. I
    went to a private tech school, and foolish me…I worked before hand and
    saved to help get me started, then I worked after school and paid off the
    debt. You know, like A FUCKING ADULT.

  3. sucks to be you guys hahahahahaha meanwhile in South Africa i will graduate
    this year and pay back the equivalent of 5 US dollars a month for my degree
    in Architecture because my country is still “3rd world”

  4. Borrowed $40k from SallieMae with some of the loans at 11% interest. I
    graduated into an internship, then into a job with an underwhelming salary.
    The loans are crippling, and I will be putting off the milestones of life,
    i.e., buying a car, home, marriage, retirement savings, etc. I have my
    degree in the same envelope I picked it up in, because I have no reason to
    display something that I’m not proud of. 

  5. Go to a community college, do 2 years there and then transfer to a
    University of your own choice. The high school that I went to brainwashed
    me into thinking that community college is bad and I should take out a loan
    and go to a big corporate university and get student loan. Little did I
    know, going to community college significantly decreases all the tuition
    fee. I am talking 50% less. Good thing I decided to go to a community
    college and now going to be transferring. And that kid with a 4.0 gpa who
    bragged about going to a UC is now asking me to drive him from place to
    place cause he can’t afford a car or gas. 

  6. Im a 33 year old neurosurgeon from NYC, and i had student loans of about
    300k when i got out of college. Luckily for me, i entered a field with a
    large pay. I get paid almost 600k a year(before tax), and was able to pay
    off all my student loans in only 3 years. the only downside? i work 120
    hours a week

  7. If you are saddled by college loan debt the two law makers who made you a
    debt slave are Howard McKeon and Chuck Grassley.
    The roots of the the college loan crisis go back to a law passed in 1978
    which exempted college loan debt for 5 years to keep medical student and
    law students from “skipping out on the debt they incurred.”but college
    loans didn’t become out right debt slavery until the passing of P.L.
    105-244 in 1998 which removed the ability to discharge student loan debt
    ofter seven years.
    The Bill’s Sponser is was Howard “Buck” McKeon.
    The finial straw was BAPCPA in 2005 which made all higher education debt
    except from bankruptcy.
    Which was sponsored by Chuck Grassley
    The fix is to return the law to what it was in 1990 which would allow a lot
    of debt that will never be collected to be discharged.

  8. I’m earning my 2-year business degree at the end of this semester and I am
    thinking about transferring to a 4-year to complete my bachhelors. Should I
    take a break and work and save for the final 2 years or just get student
    loans and finish the last 2 years? 

  9. People complain about student debt here in the UK but it’s actually pretty
    great. You pay it as a tax – 9% of everything you earn above £21K ($32K).
    So the less you earn, the less you have to pay back (and if you’re below
    that 21K figure, you are paying nothing). And then after 30 years, whatever
    debt you have left to pay is written off entirely.

  10. In France university cost around 150-500 usd a year. And if your parents
    have little money, then it is 100% free, plus the government give you money
    each month to help you pay your daily life cost while you study.

  11. They’re trying to do that here in Australia. Privatise the universities
    then create a private loan system, thank you The IPA. We have expensive
    degrees here now, but to privatise education? The very same politicians
    that are pushing this forward had no charges for the university educations
    they received, and our treasury minister was part of the protests when they
    bought in the $100’s of dollars for fees decades ago. He was caught on old
    news footage kicking in a glass door as part of the protests. Stupidly
    enough, it’s the Catholic organisations that want to force this to garner
    money and sell education as part of their “Charities”. 

    haven’t got money you ain’t going to college, books ain’t free even if you
    are capable of making it into one of the lists of the “community colleges”
    (we call them public universities). At most, banks will lend you like up to
    80% of TUITION ONLY. And, being banks, they are not as nice as the
    government with loans… Interest rates are just… Crazy.

  13. Let’s see here:
    Work for four years: $15k
    Get high GPA so I can get some scholarships: $10k
    Scavenge for all the coins: $2.70
    Total I worked for: $25,002.70
    Cost: $50,000… Well, bollocks.

  14. So essentially they do things that are arguably worse than the things alot
    of people get thrown in prison and written off for. Especially if said
    people aren’t white.

    Thanks, America.

  15. My god… I was one of those students. I wrote one of those letters. We
    never knew what it was about. They just told us the government was shutting
    us down unless we protested with these letters. I’m so embarrassed.

  16. It is not a coincidence that colleges designed to create “smart people” are
    the ones recruiting people dumb enough to unthinkingly acquire such massive
    debt for a questionable investment. If you think school is a requirement
    for success or intelligence, it actually proves just how stupid you are.

  17. This is going to sound lame, but this story really helped me. I was going
    to go to the University of Phoenix. Luckily I learned they were a for
    profit school in time. So, thank you for that John Oliver. 

  18. The University of Phoenix is a sham, just like all those other schools.
    Hence why the University of Phoenix lost over half its students.

  19. U of PHX enrollment has plummeted as well as their stock prices in the last
    few months. Those scandals really took a toll.

  20. So, I’m normally a big proponent of education; I think teachers should be
    paid more usually (though that may be bias from my mom being a teacher) and
    I feel like the government should put more money into education than they
    currently do.
    Having said that, I go to a college now and, while I do think TEACHERS
    should be paid more, most professors really should be paid less. Because,
    well, they’re not teachers; I’ve had classes where I’ve literally never
    seen my professor, because he sends a TA to do the teaching while he, I
    dunno, sits around and eats bonbons all day.
    Similarly, Deans just should stop existing, since plenty of them have jobs
    despite doing basically nothing. And, you know, they’re paid more than TAs
    and probably some professors (don’t get me started on how utterly useless
    some school’s presidents are).
    In brief, schools would have a hell of a lot less money issues if they
    figured priorities in terms of actually useful positions.

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