Lao NEWS on LNTV: Performing Artists’ Association chooses committee selected president.1/7/2014

VO Performing Artists’ Association chooses committee selecting Buangeun Xaphouvaong as president
INTRO: Twenty-three executive committee members were selected at the National Performing Artists’ Association’s first meeting, which took place in Vientiane on Monday. The association, which was established in February this year, also elected the Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Buangeun Xaphouvaong as president.
STORY: The conference held at Lao-IT ECC, selected 23 members out of 26 candidates with adequate skills and outstanding abilities.
At the conference, MICT Deputy Minister Buangeun Xaphouvaong explained the purpose of the association and their future plans to promote the traditional Lao arts and culture, along with the country’s exquisite talent. The association will also be a place for independent ideas to be heard and will also give Lao artists the chance to discuss and develop the industry.
He said the association now consists of a total of 580 members, of which 232 are female. According to him, artists ranged from 21 to 78 years of age and were divided into 10 categories of composers, folksongs, dancing, singing, traditional music, international music, drama, circus, song and dance for young people and stage lighting and sound.
The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Prof. Dr Bosengkham Vongdara also expressed his satisfaction in the successful establishment of the association. He urged officials, who were selected to join the association, to devote their time to protect Laos’ art and culture for the generations to come.
The associations work plan for 2014-19, which was outlined at the conference, is to continue implementing educated thinking, personality and publicity in the areas of public relations, management, budget and international cooperation in promoting and developing artists.
In order to reach the association’s goal, cooperation is needed in research, conservation and development in expanding the knowledge of arts and performance in line with the government’s policy, state regulations and the nation’s culture and traditions. The country is urged to cooperate and join in the national development of Lao arts.
It is highlighted that, the establishment of the association is aimed to drive the development of government policy in allowing a committee to ensure the quality standards of Lao artists, as well as to provide a facility for artists to work in and ensure their rights are protected.