Lao NEWS on LNTV: National Assembly demands ministry to shape up in commercial production.17/12/2014

VO National Assembly demands ministry to shape up in commercial production
INTRO: National Assembly (NA) members have demanded that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce provides facts about what the ministry has done in the past year in terms of promoting commercial production.
STORY: The parliament representatives expressed their dissatisfaction at the ongoing NA session after hearing a somewhat confusing report from the ministry on its participation in promoting production for commercial purposes. In his reading of the report, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Siewsavat Savengseuksa highlighted some successes in rice and cattle production, which he said had bolstered exports.
However he also mentioned the country’s failure to reach some deals with foreign countries on supplying products because of a lack of preparedness to respond to the production demands in the sought after commodities.
Siewsavat’s statement also pointed the blame at other government bodies concerning the country’s imposition to produce for export such as the hygiene of agriculture products, participation of policy makers, the science and technology sector, investors and the farmers themselves. He also acknowledged that systematic solutions are needed to address the problems in the supply chain from production, planning, market demand monitoring, seed varieties, quantity, quality, pricing, and goods handling times.
After the deputy minister finished the reading, NA President Madame Pany Yathortou who also chaired the session, was the first of the constituent representatives to raise additional queries to him.
She asked the deputy minister tell the parliament what the ministry would do to address the problems he cited in the sector for this 2014-2015 fiscal year.
Madame Pany recommended that the ministry should make a real action plan for meeting the targets instead of an empty plan, while building coordination with external partners to obtain the foreign markets.
In her interview with the media during the morning break of the session, the NA’s Economic, Planning and Finance Committee Chairperson Dr Souvanpheng Bouphanovong said some representatives from the government did not answer the NA’s questions while others just waxed lyrical about their theories.
She said, It is boring for NA to hear the theory. We would like to hear the issues our people are interested in which they have passed through the NA members. Adding that, People want to know what the government is doing in addressing their livelihood problems
Following the NA’s president, NA member for Savannakhet province complained that the ministry did not do what was agreed but did what was not. He asked for an explanation.
Another NA member for Savvannakhet wanted the deputy minister to elaborate on the coordination between the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as well as its cooperation with the banking and microfinance sector so that funds can be made available to farmers.
Meanwhile NA member for Xieng Khuang province Ms Bounpheng Mounphoxay wanted the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to have better coordination in regards to commercial production
She asked why there is a lack of markets for the products that are produced while at the same time supply for many commodities cannot meet demand.