Lao NEWS on LNTV: 2nd Vientiane Trail planned to showcase city’s old quarter.27/1/2016

VO Second Vientiane Trail planned to showcase city’s old quarter
INTRO: After last month’s Vangvieng Music Festival received wholehearted approval from both locals and foreign visitors, the Lao Bangfai Prime Association has decided to organise other cultural activities to bring the country’s towns to life.
STORY: According to the Lao Bangfai Prime Association, they are now planning the Second Vientiane Trail, a cultural event that will take place over two weekends next month to make the most of the city’s old quarter and recreate an atmosphere reminiscent of days gone by.
The event will be spread out along the narrow roads in the vicinity of Mixay and Ongteu temples, which will become pedestrianised so that visitors can stroll at leisure among stalls displaying artwork and handicrafts. Various musical and cultural performances will also take place in the area and display the best of Lao culture amid some of the town’s most appealing and oldest buildings.
The first Vientiane Trail took place last year under an initiative titled “Urban Development Project” that sought to preserve and highlight the art and architecture of what remains of Vientiane’s old quarter. The event was warmly received and thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended.
The project is a collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the public sector and the National University of Laos, with JICA volunteers and university students setting up innovative stalls at last year’s event.
Those who visit the area next month will find a relaxed environment and plenty of opportunities for conversation with artist stallholders. There will be many exhibits to browse and wonder at, interspersed with dance performances that recall times past and revive Lao traditions.
This artistic and enjoyable event is a great opportunity to spend time in one of the city’s best loved locations – without being disturbed by passing traffic.
It is expected that more people will come along than last year and it will prove to be a popular tourist attraction. Everyone is urged to attend the event and to immerse themselves in the beauty of Lao culture.