Kit Home Owner Builder Guide Australia – Steel Frame_4

In these instances steel would definitely be your number one option. ASK HOMES have tackled some seemingly impossible blocks very eloquently. The unique steel floor system that ASK HOMES recommend is designed specifically for sloping land and natural construction that puts least pressure on the environment. In addition people also have the option of filling the under area of the home in later to create additional rooms. Value adding to realise equity is very popular in Australia at the moment so if you can design your home to allow for it in future then you’re well ahead of everyone else. Over the past few years Australia has seen an increase in Buyers Agents, who are mostly employeed for their advice on this sbject. A common rule these kinds of people will tell clients is “If you are only relying on capitol growth then you’re not moving ahead at all”. With the Owner Builder system and the KIT HOME building supply format, clients are able to gain fantastic investment returns through value adding as well as capitol growth. When clients homes are complete they are often able to use their equity to purchase a second investment property.

If finance is a concern, and it often is with owner builders, don’t worry too much because ASK HOMES spent the last few years becoming very familiar with how the banks work and what you need to do to make sure you get the money you need. There are plenty of lenders out there that realise the companies buying power and are happy to assist clients in realising their dreams. You may have heard terms such as Low Doc loans, 100% finance and even vendor finance used before; we understand all of these options and can show you how to use these methods to get you into the home you want sooner rather than later!