Justin Welby: Wonga investment should not have happened

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, says the Church of England was wrong to hold an indirect stake in the payday loans company Wonga. Welby had annou… The Archbishop of Canterbury heaps praise on the payday lender after an embarrassing funding link with the Church is revealed. The Archbishop of Canterbury h… People’s Administration – MAINSTREAM UK party for Direct Democracy via Web and Phone: More below… BBC Silent: David Cameron’s FSA … Lol, I jumped into that private group that was playing… I had the WORST… GAME… EVER… I chopped a ball and caught one in the side of my mask early in … The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who criticised payday loan company Wonga for being unethical, has now had to admit that the Church of England had … ”watch the news” ”watch the world news” ”latest news” ”current news” ”current world news” ”europe news” ”asian news” Y