Jean Robinson – CEC Candidate for O’Connor

August 25, 2010 – Jean Robinson, the CEC’s State Secretary for Western Australia, knows what’s destroyed our agricultural sector.
“Look at what’s been going on. Why does the seat of O’Connor constantly increase in size, now 980,000 square kilometres, and yet its population is disappearing? Free trade has bankrupted thousands of family farmers, by driving up the cost of production, while driving down prices for commodities. Family farmers are thus reduced to debt-ridden slaves to corrupt foreign banks, and many end up taking their own lives. So too do many young people, whose rates of suicide and drug abuse are exploding.
The seat of O’Connor now takes in enormous mineral deposits, but the potential wealth is not being—and won’t be—realized under the present bankrupt monetarist system, and the genocidal green agenda of promoting insane frauds like wind and solar power. Will the Nationals’ Mr. Crook, or Labor nationalize our mineral wealth and develop our nation, restore national banking to fund a real recovery, and end free trade slavery? Well their parties haven’t, and they won’t. They are totally beholden to the British free trade system and have been for more than half a century. Only fools would support such charlatans who continue to lie and evade the truth. We are facing the greatest financial crash and economic disaster in world history, their incompetence and corruption will kill more and more citizens until we change!” Read more from Jean at

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