Japanese Car Imports To Australia – Japanese Imported Car Finance

Are you planning to import a car from Japan & looking at some financial options for imported cars? Check out this video about Japanese Car Import, for more info here: http://harleyfinance.com.au/imported-car-finance/

We firstly need to understand that Financiers look at Imported Vehicles from Japan differently than they do from Europe or America.

Japanese Imports historically are high performance vehicle’s (e.g. Nissan Silvia or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution), that are predominantly (but not exclusively) sort by a younger borrower. In recent times the SUV style vehicle has become more popular (e.g. Nissan El-Grand). An important point to remember with Imported Vehicle Finance is that the funder market is relatively small.

Lenders in general have limited funding available and hence, they do not want to take risks. In many cases an applicant will be approved for ,000 for a mainstream vehicle (e.g. Toyota Corolla), this does not mean you will get approved for Imported Car Finance.
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