Is Your Mortgage Helping You or Working Against You?

The All-In-One Loan is a new and exciting mortgage alternative that can help many homeowners pay far less in mortgage interest charges, and accelerate the pay off of their home.

The All-In-One Loan is modeled after one of the most popular and common type of mortgage loans in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe. In these other countries, this type of home loan has been used for close to thirty (30) years, and is called an Accelerator Mortgage, an Offset Mortgage, or Money-Merge Account.

The primary reason why such a mortgage product isn’t more popular or common here in the U.S. is because of how the mortgage industry is structured here in the U.S. when compared to how the banking and mortgage industries are structured in other parts of the world. Because banks here in the U.S. sell approximately 90% of all the mortgages they originate onto the secondary mortgage market, to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Ginnie Mae, they have no incentive to offer a more consumer centric mortgage loan such as the All-In-One Loan. Since they’re not keeping your mortgage loan on their books, they don’t really care whether you ever pay it off or not, and in fact are banking on you coming back around to obtain a new mortgage with them, every time interest rates drop, or when you need to tap into your home-equity.

Here at CMG, we think a little differently about our customers. We want to provide an alternative that’s more valuable for you the borrower vs. more valuable for us. While most of our business is still devoted to typical long-term mortgage loans, we feel it’s prudent to have a product like the All-In-One Loan to offer our customers, should they want a more efficient or effective option when it comes to owning their home outright, at the same time having a mortgage option that’s worth keeping for it’s full duration.

Please contact me should you have any further interest, and I’d be happy to discuss whether or not the All-In-One Loan would be a good fit for your situation.

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