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PPT Magazine Issue Date: 7-08-2014

Tired of the Banks saying No? Does your Business need Cash flow Now..

Working capital plays a key role in cash flow management and operating efficiency.
Ineffective working capital is a common failing factor for most small to mid-sized companies, if you don’t have cash in the bank, accounts receivables from sales, inventory to sell, and payables for the purchase of inventories, you will go out of business. The flow of cash through anyone of these events, gives rise to the working capital requirement for a company to receive funding from a bank. If this occurs you are left with a few options; credit, venture capital, angel investor, donations, grants, savings, or subsidies.
Thinking outside of the box we started looking at creative companies like ArTex Funding and alternative ways to receive funding for your needs, one of the programs they have, include:

Accounts Receivable Funding
Factoring, or Invoice Financing, has been used as a form of financing for over 400 years. This type of financing provides working capital when a company is not approved for a line of credit through conventional funding sources.

ArTex Funding provides a world class array of financial tools under one roof to solve your funding situations.
Private Debt – Asset Based Lending
Purchase Order – Contract Funding Inventory Financing
Hard & Soft Money Real Estate Funding Buy – Lease Back – Sell Back
Equipment Funding or Leasing of Used or New Equipment Business Lawsuit Settlement Funding
Invoice Factoring for All Industries including Medical & Construction
Turn Around Funding For Distressed Companies

ArTex Funding is also the best source of funding capital for rapid expansion and growth. ArTex offers unique and creative answers for young, growing, post revenue companies experiencing accelerated success.
For more information on alternative funding, please contact ArTex Funding at (512) 261-0024 or you can find Artex Funding at