Investing tips from Australia’s leading fund managers

Future Generation Investment Fund (FGX) debuted on the ASX earlier today. The Listed Investment Company is the brainchild of Geoff Wilson from Wilson Asset Management and is the first of its kind in Australia. 14 of Australia’s leading fund managers are donating their expertise in funds management to FGX. Whilst the intention of the Company is to provide shareholders with a compelling and attractive investment, the Company has an important ancillary goal of providing a source of funding for Australian charities. The Company’s intention is to donate an aggregate amount of 1.0% of the Company’s assets to Australian charities each year. To assist in raising awareness of FGX Livewire interviewed the fund managers who are donating their expertise. We asked each of the managers to share some insights into what has made them successful investors over the years. You can access some of their insights in this video.

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