Investing in South Australia

South Australia:
The South Australian economy is booming and currently has approximately 0 billion worth of major projects including government infrastructure upgrades, which have either started or are proposed to start shortly.
The State also enjoys a Triple “A “credit rating awarded by international ratings agency Standard & Poor’s which provides long term security for business and investment.
South Australian businesses are some the most innovative in the whole nation and they invest strongly in research and development, providing many local jobs for the short & long term.
With a massive wine industry driven by a Mediterranean climate, tourism is always strong and the wines are known around the globe for being the best in Australia.
We also have massive growth and expansions in our mining sectors, defence and education system .With the emergence of clean and renewable technologies South Australia is positioned for a very prosperous future.
The state provides excellent returns for property investors and has constantly over the past 20 years basically equalled Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney in Capital Growth figures.
The investment by BHP to expand and spend billion dollars on Olympic Dam shows the long term commitment and sustainability of the South Australian mining sector. Olympic Dam is the world’s largest known reserve of Uranium encompassing about 40% of the world’s known resource and providing huge export opportunities and profit.
So with the future looking very bright for South Australia the investment potential is untapped, make a wise move and invest in property in Australia’s most stable State now.