Interview with Mark Cleland from Mortgage Choice on Business Finance

I regularly get the opportunity to meet with business leaders and quality service providers to business owners and this interview was no exception. I have had the good fortune to work not only with the Mortgage Choice Group and their rookie development program but more specifically with Mark Cleland who has to be one of the smartest, ethical and hard working finance brokers I have ever had the good fortune to deal with.

I was amazed to find out how much besides mortgages that Mark can help businesses with using high quality low rate finances from recapitlisation of a business, capital equipment purchases and leases, car loans and so much more. Mark can be contacted on

I hope you enjoy watching this short 6 minute video as much as I enjoyed filming it.


John Millar
Managing Director
More Profit Less Time

One thought on “Interview with Mark Cleland from Mortgage Choice on Business Finance

  1. Hi Mate, pretty good Videa, and knowing both you and Mark I know that
    people will be in touch as Mark is brilliant, whether looking for a car
    loan, like my sons were or finding finance for people to buy a house/share
    of a house, because of Marital concerns. Mark has it all at the touch of
    his fingers. one thing if I may though, use a triangle approach to the
    video, it allows people to feel part of the conversation and Mark has a
    hell of a lot to offer.

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