Indonesian protesters collect coins to return Australian tsunami aid

Indonesian protesters collect coins to return money to Prime Minister Tony Abbott after he linked clemency pleas for two Australians on death row to 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami aid. Julie Noce reports.

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25 thoughts on “Indonesian protesters collect coins to return Australian tsunami aid

  1. Abbott and his government are more US Conservatives, than average
    Australians can’t stand the Abbott government any more than Indonesians.
    The Abbott government are the most irrational and tyrannical Australian
    leadership since Bligh.

  2. Capital punishment… savages gonna savage. Seeing as people were offended
    over it, they must be very emotional about their executions.

  3. Sure a few coppers will add up to plus a billions….. 2 or 3 billion in
    aid in a year or so…and the like…. No neighbours…..! ——we
    respect and love you… oh how we love you……..!!!! but ‘yeah man’
    kill the killers and rapists, but don’t kill 2 dumbasss drug mules to make
    a nationalistic points, it’s fucking retarded…!!!!! and will add to the
    picture real Aussies have of our neighbours….stop this ignorant killing
    shit….! and that’s not just to you…., that’s all fucktarded
    countries that do it… it’s in the Slavery basket… and FUCK ME……!!!
    it’s the US’s policy not your own…. they fight a war on drugs via you,
    and they sell pot freely on the US streets… Aussies love you man, but
    they don’t forget…. stubborn as fuck…. I’m Irish I plead

  4. Australia responds and says give is our billion dollars of jizya aid back
    ya fucking ingrate muslims dogs , hope another tsunami wipes you worthless
    muslime cunts from the face of the planet . that would be akbar , Jesus

  5. I do agree that the death penalty is too harsh but, really? Throwing in
    humanitarian aid as a reason why a country should do what another country

  6. Ungrateful Indonesians. You owe me 10 trillion rupiah. I will still visit
    Bali because Balinese people hate Indonesians and now I can relate to that.
    The corrupt Indonesian polisi can forget about me paying any more bribes.
    they will have to make do on their own crappy wages. 

  7. Doesn’t US execute hips of black people every year?
    Don’t thousands die from narcotics?
    Don’t we imprison people for life and throw away the keys?
    What exactly is the argument?

  8. Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbot amid panic-related death penalty duo
    Bali Nine by the Government of Indonesia.

    what is thrown Abbot to Indonesia ahead of the execution of Australians
    seem unfocused and apparent Abbot amid the depressed condition.

    In fact, Abbot should raise the issue of the 2004 tsunami relief is not
    really necessary in such situations posed today.

    “Tony Abbott panic and install the drunken god stance in addressing this

  9. Yeah keep em comming you bunch of savages, your coins are worth nothing,
    litterally nothing aha.
    1 Aussie dollar = over 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah. So yeah, keep em comming.
    20,223,183,048,119 to go…..

    Go fuck yourself indonesia

  10. 25 sen = 2,2 grams -only another 100,000 odd tonnes of 25 sen rupiah to go.
    Then there is the $500,000,000 each of the 11 years since….
    If Australia was hit by a tsunami how much would Indonesia contribute to
    its recovery. I am sure it would at least match what China, Russia and
    North Korea would donate. 

  11. Although the abbott linking clemency pleas to tsunami aid is regrettable,
    it is a good initiative that Indonesians are collecting money to give the
    amount back to Australia.

  12. Indonesia is not cool. I don’t support drugs, but if Australian president
    is asking for a favor, then give him what he wants. At the end of the
    day,Australia did help when Indonesia needed a favor. And yes, that money
    that people are giving will not go toAustralia, most probably will used to
    buy new Mercedes for some Indonesian politician :)

  13. It was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr رضى الله عنهما that:
    The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

    لاَ يَدْخُلُ الْجَنَّةَ مَنَّانٌ وَلاَ عَاقٌّ وَلاَ مُدْمِنُ خَمْرٍ
    “No one who reminds others of his favors, no one who is disobedient to his
    parents and no drunkard, will enter Paradise.”

    [Sunan an-Nasa’i]

    Now you can see why they give aid, in order to use it as a weapon against
    you. Kill the drug dealer.

  14. And THIS should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about Islam and
    Muslims. Muslims cannot be expected to deal with civilized people fairly,
    they don’t understand civilized behaviors or the concepts of fairness,
    charity OR mercy. Muslims are a one way street, they demand respect but
    NEVER give it in return. They only know how to take but NEVER to give. For
    all the help that Australia has given the people of Indonesia, the very
    least they could do is NOT execute the two Australian citizens. Australia
    wasn’t asking for their RELEASE, only for them to not lose their lives for
    such a petty offense. But this was much to precious for these ungrateful
    Indonesian savages to give.

    What makes it worse, is the utter hypocrisy of these Indonesian assholes,
    who recently begged for AND were granted clemency from a death penalty for
    an Indonesian citizen who was found guilty of murder in that Muslim hell
    hole called Saudi Arabia.

    These Indonesian ingrates are so God damned shameless! What makes me laugh
    out loud is when I hear people use Indonesia as the example of a “moderate”
    Muslim country. This story should show any dumbass who believes this that
    there is NO such thing. Muslim countries are ALL violent insane asylums who
    know only how to torture or murder people that break their primitive
    religious laws. I hope this lesson is seared into every Australian and
    American citizens memory *forever* . Because WHEN the next tsunami hits and
    these ungrateful cavemen are left starving and homeless yet AGAIN, perhaps
    their MUSLIM brothers and sisters can start a “coins for Indonesia”
    campaign for them and make up the extra billion that Australia WON’T ever
    give them again in future. Australia should also put a travel ban on that
    nation and lets see how they will fare without Australian tourist money
    every year. But I’m sure a wealthy country like Indonesia can afford the
    millions of Australian dollars it will lose every year right? Australia
    should also put a stop to all trade with them as well. Screw these

  15. Very funny, he want Indonesia broken the law rules just because he ever
    sent money to help Indonesian people in 2004 (tsunami disaster). Do u think
    Indonesian people is ur slave Mr. Abbot???????

  16. We give them an average of $600 million each and every year in aid on top
    of the 1 billion for the tsunami.

    They are gonna need alot of coins.

  17. What a ridiculous and ungrateful attitude! Tony Abbot is a good man who
    means well but his motives were misunderstood. I find this quite offensive.
    What we all need is calm minds, more cooperation and less of this type of
    For years I have financially supported an organisation that helps
    Indonesians among others. I did so out of empathy for those in need, but
    it is clear to me that help is not appreciated. Very disappointing but I
    will find a worthier cause.

  18. but you didn´t feel “offended” when you took all that free money???? get a
    life you muslim fuck!

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