“I’m Buried in College Debt, What Do I Do Now?”

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25 thoughts on ““I’m Buried in College Debt, What Do I Do Now?”

  1. What’s the difference between the average man, woman, and the fat and very
    wealthy Bill Gates? I think it’s just PURE LUCK!! 

  2. So your advice is to those in high school but if you already have a student
    mortgage and can’t command a higher wage your screwed. 

  3. Why is the fact that… Student Debt > Credit Card Debt, is a big deal?
    Would you feel better about the situation if… Credit Debt > Student Debt?

  4. I started working for me, at 15 years old. People have been telling me I
    need a college degree to succeed. I tell em, that while their low
    standards for success sound great, I’ve been doing what they say I need to
    be taught to do, since I was a freshmen in high school. When they told me
    in high school, that I HAVE to go to college, I told them, “no, I HAVE to
    be, here.” I made teachers money while I was in high school. No one has
    ever won an argument concerning my need of a degree. If anyone would like
    to try, feel free,

  5. College is the biggest waste of time. I went to college for 5 and a half
    years, finally graduated after changing my major many time (I blame myself
    more for this then college, but going to college doesn’t help you figure
    out what you want in life, in fact, I was more sure what I wanted out of
    life before college), then finally graduated. Now, I went to college at 25
    and before college, I never had any trouble finding a job or career. After
    I graduated from college when I was 31, I couldn’t find any good jobs in
    the USA. I finally packed my tent up and decided to teach English in China.
    Believe it or not, I make more money teaching English in China then any job
    my degree got me in the USA, which was nothing.

  6. Socialist countries don’t saddle their kids with college debt. It’s only
    the free market loving Americans who enslave their kids in this manner. 

  7. Which bank to open an account with? none, pay off all student debt before
    continuing.If not you will regret it!!

  8. I never had student debt. I finished high school and went to work. College
    is bullshit. Get to work and stop running yourself and your parents into
    debt. Shit birds

  9. Thought Obama was suppose to have debt forgiveness that was his 2008 and
    2014 promise to the American youth? Lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies!

  10. $3,500 is not buried in debt. That’s nothing. I thought you were talking
    about something in the six figure range.

  11. You’re cute by the way but my point is this if you take out a loan you
    should pay it back I don’t care if its a college loan a car loan whatever
    I’ve never taken out alone and I never will if I can afford the thing that
    I want I save money for it or just accept the fact I can’t have everything
    in life

  12. there are like 10 ways to get out of debt
    me way is to keep money infront of you
    spend all at once with paycheck
    dont look back

  13. There is a lot of hypocrisy here. This dude decries money, and yet begs for
    dollars (“donations”) on the internet.

  14. Best solution is to look at studying and moving overseas. For ex. in
    Germany, Scandinavia and other countries even as an American, you can go to
    college with no student loans at all (but obviously have to be very good at
    German). France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain are also pretty low-cost.
    Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia (yes, there are good schools there)
    are low-cost of no-cost options in the Americas (don’t try in Canada, very
    expensive there). Also in Asia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong have cool
    options though obviously you’ll need to know Chinese, people say it’s not
    all that hard to learn but I can’t imagine it’s so easy. Regardless, you
    should start learning a language and look to go abroad. There are other
    benefits there too, lower-cost health care and childcare, 6 weeks vacation,
    better for small businesses overseas too.

  15. I know of handful of people wasted there time to get a degree and went to
    college and now they can’t pay back there Student Loans and most of them
    are working in Minimum Wage jobs working 2 jobs to try to pay back( AND BY
    THE WAY THESE ARE SMART EDUCATED PEOPLE) and They can’t even support there
    Family or there self. College Degree is really just a square piece of Sh*t
    its does not mean that you are Guarantee to be able to use that Degree that
    you work so hard to get and realize It all was a waste of time and Money!
    And Now they Cry how in the World are they going to pay these student loans
    off. Its should be a Law Pass if you are not using that Degree then you
    should not have to pay back the Loan!! Period!!!

  16. College and Universities should be free….They are doing it in Europe.

  17. Best advice I got from a college professor: question everything. I thought
    I understood that at the time. It always resonated with me… but I didn’t
    truly understand it until several years later.

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