How to Put togther a Financing Request Template


SFR Ventures Inc. requires that a Financing Request Package accompany all loan requests. The suggested outline included in this packet is very comprehensive and may request information that is not relevant to a particular loan request. This template has been utilized by the principals of SFR Ventures Inc. to effectively raise 0M+ in debt and equity for various real estate investments over the years. This template focuses primarily on residential rehab, construction, and development loans and provides a consistent process for borrowers to streamline the financing process and accelerate the funding timeline to meet the closing deadlines. Timely submission of a completed Financing Request Package can mean funding in as little as 5–7 business days.

Please be advised, SFR Ventures Inc. receives a high volume of loan requests. We aim to review and respond to loan requests within 48 hours of receiving the Financing Request Package. SFR Ventures Inc. requires certain criteria for a loan request to be considered. If the following criteria are not met, your loan request will not be reviewed:

• Borrower must have real estate experience with a proven track record
• Borrower is required to have a minimum of 20% equity into the deal
• The loan-to-value (LTV) may not exceed 70%

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