How to Pass your Driving Test First Time – No Critical Errors

How to Pass The Driving Test on your First Try Without Making Any Critical Errors. I thought showing how to pass the driving test in California or any where else to get your license could be a pretty interesting video for many people so VOILA! (NEW Part 2) – How to Parallel Park to Pass your Drivers Test:
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IF Any Of The Following Happens While You Are Taking Your Behind The Wheel Test, You Automatically FAIL !
1. Intervention by examiner – IF they have to tell u to do something.
2. Strikes object/curb – You can’t hit nothing.
3. Disobeys traffic sign or signal – Over speed limit, run light, etc..
4. Dangerous Maneuver – Refer to video
5. Speed – Refer to video
6. Auxiliary equipment use – headlight must be on if wipers are on.
7. Lane Violation – Refer to video
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When you take the behind the wheel test at the DMV, you need to be prepared. On the day of the driving test when it is your turn to take the test, you will have tp pull up to the test person. Who ever is accompanying you will have to get out the vehicle, and then the test person will proceed with the Pre-Drive Checklist:

The Pre-Drive Checklist: The instructor will check to see if the following things work and if you know how to use them:
– Turn on the blinkers: left & right
– Horn / does the horn work
– Brake / does the brake light work
– Arm signals / Do you know them
– Headlights – Do you know how to turn them on
– Windshield wipers / Can you turn them on
– Emergency brake / Do you know where it is & how to turn it on
Here’s what it says on the sheet the examiner is using to test you:
To pass you must have no more than 3 errors in the pre-drive checklist, no Critical Error mistakes, and no more than 15 errors while driving on the road.

The DMV has an APP, If you didn’t know. That app has all the questions that are on the written test! The app will test you and tell you the right answers. Download the app, its called, “DMV NOW”. Get it & you will pass the written test on the first try as well. HIT THE LIKE BUTTON on this video if I have helped you out at all.

– Always wear your seat belt! Recently a large truck ran into the back of my car, the same car I used in this video, & the car is now totaled.
Here is my vlog where I show the car. They said it looks like a crushed soda can:…

I Got a NEW CAR: