How to Get Free Money From Student Loan

How to make money off a student loan
Full time studens able to borrow up to 0 per week for living costs
Soon to be 5
Under the interest free system only pay back what you borrow
Subject to student staying in country
Student can decide what to do with money — spend or save
If student able to save, then can invest and earn interest
We did some calculations
Rabo online call account at 8.3%
We subtracted tax paid on interest earned
If received for 37 weeks a year, this year, 6 — not much
BA Over 3 years – ,659
Longer degree — dentistry or perhaps Masters
5 years – ,909
7 years – ,047 total
,995 to be repaid
= ,052 earned in interest
This is if the maximum amount for living costs borrowed and invested for 37 weeks a year for 7 years
Even if spending some, invest the rest
A student needing a week can invest the other 0 that is available
Will change to 5
After 3 years – ,115
5 years – ,311
7 years — ,459
Incentive to borrow the maximum and invest that not spent
Not changed by National — those studying
The interest earned would perhaps pay off a student’s over draft
And ,000 would certainly be helpful after paying 7 years of tuition fees.