How to choose the right car in 2017 | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

Buying the wrong new car is one hell of an expensive mistake. So here’s how to get it right.

In most markets in the developed world there’s an overload of choice. Here in Australia, there are (let’s call it) 300 vehicles from 60 brands – and each one of those brands can give you several dozen typically bullshit reasons why each of their vehicles are the best. It’s so easy to stall on the grid – confounded by choice – especially if you’re that typical mainstream car buyer who doesn’t think about new cars when you’re not actually in the market to buy one.

I’m John Cadogan, the founder of – the place where Australian new car buyers save thousands on their next new cars, and I see this a lot – because new cars are hard to buy.

If you need a new TV or a new refrigerator, you can go to a retailer and see the competitors side-by-side. If you get a good sales consultant they can give you some insight on which brand has the best deal right now, and which brands see the fewest returns and warranty claims. You can’t do that with cars – there are about 30 different Toyota Corolla-sized cars available, and you just cannot see them side-by-side. It’s a disgracefully dickensian anti-consumer arrangement.

A car dealer wants to sell you his brand. He doesn’t really care if you buy a Yaris, a Corolla, a Camry, a Hilux or a Landcruiser. He doesn’t really care which one of those is right for you. But he sure as shit doesn’t want you walking out the door so that you can see if there’s a better option from Mazda, Hyundai or Kia.

So that’s tip number one: Never ask a car dealer for advice – you won’t get it. All you’ll get is propaganda.

Six more steps to choosing the right new car in 2017 in the video