How To Buy Stocks | Using eTrade

Hi Everyone,

This is a tutorial as to how I buy shares. The SugarMamma ,000 Project is run through an eTrade account in Australia. BUT eTrade is actually available in most countries. However each country has a different brokerage costs to buy the stocks.

I am buying Australian shares (which you can still buy if you live in another country) but I will also be buying ETFs soon as I want to keep building and diversifying the portfolio. Also, I keep my trade receipts for tax purposes, which is particularly important for my long term tax records.

Please note that just because I am using an eTrade account, does not mean that I am recommending eTrade and this is definitely not a sponsored video, I am simply showing everyone who has asked me how I personally do this. Also please note that I am buying this stock because I like this stock and it matches my long term goals and risk profile.

Lots more videos on investing coming your way!