How to build a property portfolio empire – Chris Gray – CPA Australia Brisbane

How to build a property portfolio empire – Chris Gray – CPA Australia Brisbane – Chris Gray Property Expert Your Empire

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17 thoughts on “How to build a property portfolio empire – Chris Gray – CPA Australia Brisbane

  1. Think Rich and you will get rich ???

    As a UK investor I started of with one tiny flat in 1982 when I was 24

    I achived my goal not to work for a living by aged 40

    You can do it but it takes effort and I can do IT in your head every day

    If you really want Money you need to think about nothing other than money

    It all comes down to you as a person its not for everyone

    One other thing you don’t need to spend money on courses you will find
    lots of info for free online and utube ofcourse

  2. Brilliant stuff! I’m going to watch it again as the concept is a little
    overwhelming to grasp all at once… I’m up to 4 properties and have done
    really well with renovating and reselling… thanx heaps for up loading
    this talk. 

  3. A lot to think about .We were time poor and were introduced to My Empire
    .Very impressed with Josh Masters . Signed up and wooshka . Got our dream
    investment within a week !! It didn’t even make first inspection !They did
    their homework and went over everything with a fine tooth comb. At the end
    of the day in a hot market timing is of essence .

  4. I’ve recently brought my first property and after watching your video, I am
    not scared anymore. Thank you.

  5. I wonder, out of the 28,096 people who have viewed this, how many of them
    has actually gone on and built a successful portfolio? I am now worth 19
    million through property development, it’s a great business to get into!

  6. Goodness you are good at maths..almost too quick actually. For dummies
    like you rent out where poss., then remortgage 1 property to pay any
    tax or outstanding mortgage – is that right?
    I have a question and really need some advice. I have £66k (from my first
    property project); however unlike you, I just can’t seem to get a job; what
    is the best property ‘move’ to make .. without the help of a mortgage. ? I
    am completely stuck – really need some advice from an expert as nobody to
    ask. Tania in the U.K. Thank you!

  7. In the UK property development is getting harder and harder to profit from,
    but the returns are still there for those that treat it as a business
    rather than a hobby. Respect to those that make it work.

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