Hitler plans to Save Ireland

Hitler has a plan to save Ireland from it’s current crisis…

This vid was made for an Irish Audience and there are terms and references throughout which are explained next if you are not Irish you won’t be familiar with. This is just another Hitler Parody on YouTube.. Please don’t engage me in political commentary… :-) Thanks and Enjoy!

Biffo – Prime Minister (Brian Cowan)
King’s Inn – Irish Law college, Dublin.
Ahern – (Bertie) Former prime minister, who ignored an IMF report warning of the crash and bubble and famously said anyone who criticised during the peak of the boom should consider suicide!
Shrewsbury Road – Exclusive address in Dublin.
Dail – Irish Parliment.
Olivia Green – Former employee of Irish Nationwide Building Society (INBS) who, unusually for a bank employee, spoke openly about the reckless banking and lending practices of INBS on RTE’s Primetime show; ‘Meet The Bankers’.
Abramovich – (Roman) (Chelsea FC owner and Russian Billionaire) One of the few bondholders known by name to have bonds in INBS. His investment company threatened legal action to recover the debt if it was defaulted on).
INBS – Building Society which engaged in reckless lending practices, gave out loans without any proper procedure, often in excess of 100%, and reportedly issued loans of millions of euros to Irish Politicians, without proper documentation attached to loan applications.
Fingleton – (Michael) (Former) Chief Executive of INBS, who reportedly ‘fast-tracked’ loans to favoured individuals including Celia Larkin, a former partner of the Prime Minister.
Mc Creevy – (Charlie) former Minister for Finance, Fianna fail politician, Former EU Commissioner for Internal Market & Services, reported to have received in excess of 100% loan of 1.6 million euro to buy a luxury apartment at the exclusive K Club (Golf). Again from Fingleton at Irish Nationwide.
Senators Lydon and Francie O Brien – Two more govt party politicians to have received multi-million euro loans from INBS. (Irish Nationwide has cost the Irish Taxpayer approx 5.4 Billion Euro to bail-out).
Anglo Irish Bank – The most high profile of Irish Banks to collapse. Heavily exposed to property developer loans. Will cost the Irish Taxpayer 35 Billion Euros to bail it out. Engaged in highly reckless lending practices and hid the extent of its troubles from the regulator and the government before the governement guaranteed all debt and deposits on 29 Sept 2008.
AIB – Irelands largest banks also being bailed out with billions of Irish taxpayers money. Engaged in reckless lending to property developers. (will receive around 6.5 billion of taxpayers money)
P.J. Sheehan – Irish opposition party politician who was prevented from driving while drunk by a female police officer. He reportedly told her; “when we get into power you will get nothing” and that she would be “in trouble over this.”
Dunne – (Sean) Leading property developer who paid 58 million Euros an acre for a 4.84 acre site in Dublin. Subsequently failed to get planning permission. Now residing outside the country in an exclusive private estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.
78 million an acre for a fucking car park – This reference is to to a deal done by a developer to buy a site (former Veterinary college in Dublin). It was a two acre site and he actually paid 84 Million per acres.(sorry my mistake!) It lies vacant now and he recently attempted to temporarily use it as a car park for a Dublin Horse Show.
Drumm – Former Chief Executive of Anglo Irish Bank. (Now living in a .6 million house in Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. Wanted by Irish police for questioning in relation to the banking practices at Anglo Irish Bank and has filed for bankruptcy in the USA)
Templemore – Small Irish town and location of police training college.
Fianna Fail, The Greens – 2 Government coalition parties.
Dan Boyle – Green Party politician who is well know for using Twitter and his Tweeting of political comments.
Cheese – The government recently announced a plan to distribute free cheese!
Kenny – (Enda) Leader of opposition party, Fine Gael.
Neary – (Patrick) Financial Regulator (former) who was in office during the most reckless years of banking practices.
FAS Directors – A governement funded state training institute, with training centres througout Ireland, the directors of which engaged in reckless spending of taxpayers money to fund expensive foreign travel and hotels. oh and they brought their wives too.. also guilty of irregular financial practices within the agency.
Golden Circle – This refers to 10 leading individual who were loaned 450 Million Euros by Anglo Irish Bank…. to exclusively buy the banks shares on the stock exchange in an attempt to push up the price of the shares..