HELOC – What Are Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCS)

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Hi, this is Frank Chen with REIClub.com, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got a quick video on Home Equity Lines of Credit, aka HELOCs.

Loans vs. LOC
Fixed-rate loans are essentially 2nd mortgages. You borrow a set amount and repay it in fixed monthly installments over ten to 30 years. Usually an option if you need a given amount all at once say for home improvements, or to invest in real estate.

Line of Credit (LOC) – You might arrange for a ,000 line, for example, then borrow ,000, ,000, or ,000 simply by writing a check. Payback is as flexible as withdrawal, often with interest-only payments allowed during, say, a ten-year borrowing period. You will pay interest only on what you borrow, so if you don’t borrow you won’t owe anything.

– Buy a home for 0K 5 years ago.
– K remaining on your mortgage.
– FMV is now 5K
– K Equity (if credit is good, get this total amount)
– Access via specialized checks or credit cards
– Basically your home is used as collateral on this personal loan

It all depends on the lender’s loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, your credit history and the interest rate you’re willing to pay

Advantages of HELOCs
– Good for when you need cash now
– Can be used for repairs or pay off debt or whatever you want, some HE loans are specific purpose
– Down Payment for investments
– Some Tax Deductible Benefits on Interest
– Only charged interest if you withdraw money
– Interest rates are usually pretty low
– You can pay it off and re-borrow
– Better repayment flexibility
– One way to improve your credit as long as you pay on time

Disadvantages of HELOCs
– Adjustable Rates – May spike your monthly payments
– Interest Only Payments – Higher monthlies later on
– Low interest rates may cause you to spend more
– Putting your home or real estate at risk of foreclosure
– Additional Fees – Annual

Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) provide a unique financial option for investors. Depending on your situation, credit score, equity in your home, and debt, this may or may not be the best fit for you. I’m not encouraging you to use a HELOC to get started in real estate, but I did want to provide you with an option you may not have thought about before.

There is definitely risk involved so it’s very important as a real estate investor to do your research, and speak with your lender on all the details associated with this loan process.

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