Harry Dent: Years Of BAD Predictions

Harry’s Dented Prophecies

Harry Dent and the chamber of poor returns

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25 thoughts on “Harry Dent: Years Of BAD Predictions

  1. Damn the video cut again lol. Once again though great info. from you
    Fabian, keep it up man I think we truly are headed for some dark times soon
    if not very soon.

  2. I don’t think that Dent’s demographic argument can be dismissed so easily.
    Yeah, he has been wrong, but that doesn’t mean he is not right now.
    Remember, just as in investments, past performance does not predict future
    behavior. I’ll bet we can even find a thing or two that Obama (yucko) has
    been right about! I find it quite compelling that as baby boomers retire,
    they get more frugal and start selling stocks to pay expenses in retirement
    and they have stopped being productive by retiring. A huge slug of that
    demographic shock hits 2014-2015. There are many factors that could
    precipitate a collapse. Dent’s demographic baby boomer bomb is one we
    should definitely keep looking out for and be aware of.

  3. Your views on Harry Dent were spot on he has many prediction that were
    wrong however some of his information is good. Bottom line no one is going
    to be right on dates of stock market crash and yes he clearly is trying to
    sell fear that’s wrong

  4. I don’t like Harry Dent. I heard him on the Peter Schiff show and on Alex’s
    show a while back and didn’t like anything he had to say.

  5. The global reset was suppose to happen by now but the US banker refuse to
    sign on with IMF in April war will break out in Ukraine around the 20th of
    June 2014. The stock market will implode in October of this year and the
    crash of the dollar will begin as other countries drop the dollar from
    there reserves the US government and bankers and Russia and China are
    working together to destroy the American dollar to bring in One world
    currency I listen to Harry Dent interview with Alex Jones and Mr. Dent
    doesn’t have clue of what’s really going on

  6. Fabian you are right on the money. Heres my diagnosis. I like Alex as well.
    However he has his positives and negatives but i think overall he is an
    asset to us. Dent on the other hand. He seems desperate. He is definitely
    jumping on the band wagon strictly for money and you can sense it. I
    subscribed to Dent. And i kid you not he blasts my email with crap to buy 6
    or 7 times a day. This video just renewed the fact that you are honest and
    trustworthy. The only advice i have for you is maybe hire someone to
    respond to your comments for you. Alot of these guys lose some of their
    audience because they get so much exposure they cant answer anyone. I agree
    with the way you make money on this its the right way. But keep up your
    customer service. Customer service is key and sometimes just a 2 sentence
    response keeps them on that subscribe list. Cheers buddy. 

  7. I have 2 Dent Books. He can get muddled down in Details, BUT that I s his

  8. No offense buddy………..but I like Harry Dent’s predictions better than
    yours. I think this video is in bad taste. How would you like it if I
    made a Fabian 4 Liberty bad calls video? 

  9. forty years of charlatans predicting gloom and doom(great depression II).
    I can only remember 40, I’m 50. 1974 gold standard. 1987 crash, 1999 y2k,
    2008 mortgage crash, still no crash. WTF

  10. a lot of gold pumpers out there: Schiff, Rodgers, Maloney, Faber, Casey and
    the entire Gloom and Doom network of salesman. Silver dropped 60% in the
    past 4 years, that’s not a PULLBACK, THAT’S A COLLAPSE! BUT KEEP STACKING

  11. Harry’s Nov 2014 prediction is gold is going to go bust to $250, and the US
    $ will be the asset worth investing in. He sure is counterintuitive to what
    most of us are thinking.

  12. Good video. I do a search every 3 months or so to see what revisions Dent
    is making to his theories (they change so often). So Harry, at very least,
    got you a new subscriber.

    I do have to defend him on a few points. In his most recent book he
    explains a few of your criticisms. He claims the Baby Boomer generation is
    the largest when you take immigration into account. He cites that as the
    reason his earlier predictions were off (as he wasn’t taking them into
    account either until his 2006 predictions went wrong). He also explains
    his predictions about a crash (originally predicted for early 2013 I
    believe) are off because he had no idea the Fed would go as far as it did.
    That seems fair given they went way further than they ever have.

    But for me that’s the problem with Mr. Dent. I think he’s correct on a lot
    of things. But world governments have the same statistics he does and are
    determined to counter any slow down. They’ll almost certainly fail in the
    long term but there’s no telling how much they can delay in the short term.
    So Dent can’t accurately predict timing and in investing timing is
    everything. If you’ve followed his advice and kept out of the market since
    2013 you lost out on a lot of money. 

  13. Dent is no different to guys like Schiff who said the Fed would never
    taper. When the Fed did taper guys like Schiff pretend they never made the

  14. Fabian I am very confused I have 45 Kg of silver Jim Rogers says next stop
    $12 Harry dent says into the abyss he says we are in a deflationary cycle
    we are not going into hyperinflation …he says cash will be kill when
    depression bite everyone will be selling .. who will want to buy silver or
    gold when I need to feed the family ..investments on any level will no be
    even possible .. subsistence … I gotta say Harry makes more sence then
    these $1000 / ounce silver calls … is comes back to the reset .. I do
    not think money is going away .. still I do not know what to do sell or
    hold .. I bought silver on the fundamentals what the bankers still controls
    the world ..so while they ate still there they are going down .. Harry may
    have been wrong on a lot of things but in a 1930’s depression I think cash
    is king .. who will buy my silver then but there are still many believers

  15. Porter Stansberry said the dollar would fall quicker because of the Fatca
    law that entered into full swing in July 1rst 2014. It will accelerate the
    process not collapse it overnight.

  16. Agree, he’s also been saying market would crash for years now, total bs.
    He’s wrong over and over again.

  17. Sure major market crash will come but it’s not coming any time soon. The US
    market has a long way to go due to all the central bankers printing tons
    all over the world. Dent will be wrong again. 

  18. Thank you Fabien. It is very hard to study everything and try to come to
    one’s own conclusions…and go to work. I have listened to 100’s of hours
    of youtube information on the upcoming potential collapse, and I still am
    not sure how to protect my assets. Simple and well informed information is
    very helpful. I appreciate your video’s very much.

  19. Fabian, my man, you are fabulous. Fabian the Fabulous.

    Fabian For Fixing Funny Fony Farthings Forced Forth For Fear Flunkies
    Flushing Fed Fiat Forcipated Frautage Foisted Firmly Filling Flatulent
    Flaffer Fugazi.

    Yeah, they’re all real words and they fit,,,, loosely.

    I’d been listening to a dozen silver and gold moonshot scenarios 3 years
    ago with 39K worth of 35 dollar silver average during all the hype of the
    period. I can’t recall if Dent predicted a crash in PMs but with this one
    few lone contrary voice, you get seduced into thinking, well, what I BEEN
    doing isn’t working, maybe I should reverse course based on Dent’s recent,
    700 dollar gold prediction.

    He is basing this on pure demographics in a world that has so dramatically
    changed in the last 60 years, maybe the demographics no longer apply. Baby
    Boomers have blown their wad as far as driving trends.

    Then there’s the hundreds of Trillions in bank debt, today, the US dollar
    getting competition, QUADRILLIONS in derivatives, NATO and the US
    desperately trying to provoke WW3 with Russia,,, how can he ignore these

    HARRY, times have changes.

    And thanks again Fabian, the sidebars in your page, here show Schiff and
    Rickards debating Dent.

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