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How to Find Government Business Grants?

Whether you are planning to launch a new start up or you want to expand your current business, you are going to need some source of funding. Many business owners simply don’t know how to get a business loan or how to get a business grant.

Grants are not the same as loans because they do never have to be repaid. A grant is considered free money, as well as an investment to promote the success of businesses and the economy.

How to get funding for a business?
Expanding your business or Getting funding for your business?
Learn how to get free government grants money to help your business, expand on your current business, or grow your business.

Fund a business by meeting the following criteria (below under criteria)
Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme & Productivity and Innovation Credit Bonus

Your business can claim up to 5k of funding in singapore, funding singapore, or business funding in cash payout under the Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme (PIC or PIC Scheme)

For financial year 2013, New Productivity & Innovation Credit (“PIC”) Cash Bonus of up to k.(PIC Bonus)

You may be eligible for up to 400% income tax deduction or 60% cash payout of your investment under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme.

If your company has bought a software for 0k; you could apply for government grants and funding up to 60% of this particular procurement. Saving your business k of expenditures, and another potential cash payout of k in bonus.

If you have provided an external training for your staff at a cost of k; the government will foot k (60%) of the invoice.

If you have bought 10 iPads at a total cost of k to improve the productivity of your sales staff; your company can claim up to ,000 through tax IRAS, iras sg gov, or tax sg, and potential cash payout of k in bonus — PIC scheme and PIC Bonus.

Your customer’s buying decision is made simpler, they can acquire your products or services with the knowledge that 60% can be claim through government cash grant — PIC Scheme

Above examples are not exhaustive.

Give money to your clients (trainees) to buy/engage your training services!

Give money to your clients to buy/engage your services delivered via technology.

3 QUALIFYING CRITERIAS for Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC Scheme)

1) Singapore Registered Company

2) 3 staff with proof of CPF contribution

3) Expenditures in any of the below stated 6 activities

6 Qualifying Activities for Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC)

a) Acquisition and Leasing of PIC Automation Equipment
b) Training of staff
c) Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights
d) Registration of patents, trademarks, designs and plant varieties
e) Research and development activities
f) Investment in approved design projects

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Small and growing businesses with cash constraints have the option to convert their qualifying PIC expenditure into a cash payout to invest in technology or upgrade their operations

A Government Grants/ Funding for all businesses.
Singapore government grants for Singapore Registered Company
Singapore government funding for Singapore Registered Company
All Singapore businesses are eligible for the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC).

How to Apply?
Simply click on the link, and fill in the details:

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