Global Economic COLLAPSE Happening NOW as Governments Scramble to Save Financial System!

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Russia currency reserve debt

“Russia’s crisis has no end in sight as oil looms, says OECD – Telegraph”

“Oil plummets after Saudis say crude is possible – Telegraph”

“China to Ease Rules to Boost Lending – WSJ”

Wealth gap inequality middle class

“Subprime Angst Fades as Crisis-Era Bonds Show 12 Percent Returns – Bloomberg”

“Japan Approves Billion Spending Package to Boost Economy – Bloomberg”

“Insurer That Got 5 Million Loan Under Obamacare Is Almost Broke  – Bloomberg”

24 thoughts on “Global Economic COLLAPSE Happening NOW as Governments Scramble to Save Financial System!

  1. The FInancial Crisis of 2008 was a clear example of a failed opportunity to
    fix the underlying weaknesses of the financial system. Instead, more
    garbage has been piled on, more regulations and laws have allowed
    corporations to massively benefit, and the impending doom of a derivative
    collapse invariably exists.

    We need to watch the moves of the central banks around the world and
    observe as they make the same mistakes which lead to the same crisis’ over
    and over again.

  2. Totally agreed with you, check out the national debt clock. It’s really
    sad. Please don’t forget to join my contest for the gold coin, only 2
    days remain. You will need to like, sub and guess.

  3. +The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth Didn’t Saudi Arabia base their
    economy for this year on $80 per barrel? If so, then their economy will be
    in recession really soon, so maybe all of this ‘$20 per barrel’ talk is
    just a lot of hot air designed to scare away all of the shale oil investors
    in America…?

    I’m sure that US and Saudi Arabia were working together at the start to try
    and ruin Russia’s economy by lowering prices and ramping up the production;
    but it’s VERY likely that Arabia just decided to go all the way and kick
    out their biggest competitors too.

  4. Is this not all smoke and mirrors? The Russian GDP is 13% and the US is
    easily 100+% and yet its Russia that is collapsing? How long before the US
    has to face up to that fact? Thanks for all you do Stefan enjoy your
    stuff…great info.

  5. malaysian airasia flight from indonesia to singapore lost contact… one of
    the opinion is that the zionist still are not able to make malaysia bow
    down to zionist because of the strategic geopolitic malaysia is. any
    thought? it s also weird that during the flooding, pm malaysia was playing
    golf with obama

  6. why is it saudi arabias responsibility to cut oil production? have all the
    other oil producing nations cut production?
    could this have anything to do with the 28 classified pages from the Joint
    Congressional Inquiry into 9/11?

  7. if they can sell oil for 20 a barrel why weren’t they doing this for the
    last 10 yrs ….. thieves

  8. I must say, The Money GPS is definitely one of the best (if not #1)
    alternative media channels out there. You focus on the economic development
    and shifts around the world, and that is exactly why I subscribed. Its the
    financial world that controls diplomacy/politics/wars on earth, and
    observing what happens there is essential in order to have a grasp on how
    this world really functions.

    Keep up the (extraordinarily) great work!

  9. We’ve got one more good retail sales year in 2015, and then the
    market/currency crashes in early 2016. The gov’t is doing a great job,
    pounding the war drums, and brainwashing the masses to blame everyone but
    ourselves (seriously, who AREN’T we at war with now?) 2018 is the end of
    the U.S. east coast. We’ll push Russia too far by then, perhaps with a
    provocative nuclear missile strike out of Israel. (I say 2018 because
    that’s when Putin’s up for re-election and may be on his way out…his
    replacement may not be as restrained as he is. It’s also likely that the
    U.S. will put a Repub. in office on a “Let’s Blame Russia for Everything”
    platform). They have the capability to take out most of the Northeast
    (down to VA) and part of the Midwest with their FOAB technology and nuclear
    subs off the coast of Cuba (hence Obama’s mad dash to make peace with Cuba,
    but won’t make much difference). Mind you, I don’t blame Russia at all–it
    is the natural course of things, and will be the only way to get rid of
    (or, curtail) this fascist regime.

  10. But still it is all by design, they know exactly what they are doing, it’s
    their game. They have the economies on a cord. and have to get rid of all
    paper currencies all at ones, just to gain power over the masses, This is
    their main plan,”Main plan!”. When we have wiped out each other for the
    better part, they will step in and take control. 14 Days they say.. Japan,
    China, Turkey, Israel the US all are run by masons, they are all
    connected to each other via, like John F. Kennedy warned us about, the
    danger of secret societies. If we don’t see this commng and do something
    about it, we will simply loose.

  11. I only recently came across your channel but i must say its really great. I
    like how you summarize existing material and connect the dots. Commercial
    media could learn from this, but most of them seem lost in reporting for
    the empty headed merely looking for distraction. Listening to your work has
    become part of my daily routine and it is very much appreciated what you
    do! Thank you!

  12. +The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth Is the Oil Cartel bringing down
    the price of oil to bully the other oil exporting countries to not accept
    anything but dollars?

  13. Ive been watching quite a few of your videos and agree mostly with your
    points presented however i find it strange that you know how much power the
    central banks and the world banks have but you haven’t realized that Russia
    is no different. The Russian revolution was part of the banks investments
    in the future. Just because they oppose the west in politics and ideology
    don’t think that their true loyalty is not to the end game agenda. They are
    our Anti-thesis to our Thesis and no matter what they say their end goal is
    still world Synthesis. This can only happen is all systems and all parties
    are overturn and only one solution is left and that has been the plan sense
    the beginning. Russia will fall the USA will fall Iran will fall Israel
    will fall the EU, the AU, the CEU, the NAU ,the SMU, the BRICS…all will
    fall and from them the new light all will be consumed. You know what is
    controlling the world my real question to you is who do you think would
    create these global institutions and for what purpose do you see their
    actions fulfilling?

  14. Paul Krugman explains why printing money by us will not cause inflation in
    deflationary period. Stop repeating the same thing

  15. crap, Cant believe china is starting to crack under the pressure to and
    lowering intrest rates, But 5.5 is still a sight better than 0.25 or 0.05

  16. Fed needs to have congressional limits on printing money. This needs to
    stop. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. 18 Trillion in debt! I think the
    government is big enough for awhile. Please someone take the punch bowl
    from these federal employed guys and gals. Russia? have Potus Obama
    whisper to Mr.Putin he’ll be more flexible on the missile defense issue
    after the War. 

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