Girl in Blue ~ Ford Australia 2.9% p a Comparison Rate (TV Advert Commercial)

I want to know who she is !!! **solved**
Ford Australia’s TV Ad/ Commercial – 2.9% finance

24 thoughts on “Girl in Blue ~ Ford Australia 2.9% p a Comparison Rate (TV Advert Commercial)

  1. Yeah I don’t know Geoff? Looks slightly cross bred, and perhaps a little
    too skinny. Would be good to see her with the gear off, or even just in
    something smaller, maybe showing a bit of cleavage. Overall, yes I’d bang
    her still….no doubt about it. She’s no Kaley Cuoco, but she’s a shitload
    better than that tall bitch who was married to Gary Sweet….ah,
    Australia’s loveable larrikin. 

  2. Every time I see this girl in these Ford ads, I absolutely cringe. It
    appears that she is trying be cute and seductive but really she just comes
    across as condescending, overconfident and arrogant instead.

  3. Why is she talking to me like I am a five year old. Another ad, she said “a
    plate is a little thing that says when the car was made.”

  4. OK ladies this is how you present yourself to men .. you get respect and
    noticed without compromising yourself .. the first time I saw this woman I
    thought … yeah that’s what I like ! Ford are on a winner here and its
    not all about the cars she gets my undivided attention and my mates tease
    me saying .. he is in love with the ford chick hahaha

  5. Dont like her,dont like the adverts…..Ford is nowhere as good as Toyota
    and she has got nothing on the girl who does the Toyota adverts.This one is
    trying to hard in fact she is very trying

  6. she is a sweetie , wish i was 40 years younger, thinner and rich, very rich
    and leave her alone, she is just doing what she is paid to do like
    everybody else and go buy a Korean car….

  7. She is so different, I like her. Cute and quirky. Is she a Channel 7 News

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