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‘War on Terror is War on Liberty’ – Nigel Farage launches e-petition

Teenage Tibetan, Latest Self-Immolation Protest Victim

Holder: Executive Branch Reviews Of Targeted Killings Count As ‘Due Process’

IRS Accused of ‘Intimidation Campaign’ Against Tea Party Groups

Defending Tea Party from IRS Assault

Colorado court says students can carry guns on campus

U.S. Tells South America to Shut Up About Legalizing Drugs

In Mexico, Biden Rejects Drug Legalization Talk

LulzSec leader Sabu was working for us, says FBI

LulzSec Leader Betrays All of Anonymous

Attacking The Hacker Hydra: Why FBI’s LulzSec Takedown May Backfire

Anonymous Hacked/WikiLeaks Released Stratfor Emails Were Stored On FBI Server

FBI LulzSec Hacker Informant: Hacking Groups Government Black Op?

The Obama FREE Phone Program

Police Given Direct Line To Cell Phone Searches

Eavesdropping Antennas Can Steal Your Smart Phone’s Secrets

How to get ANYTHING through TSA nude body scanners: Blogger exposes loophole in billion fleet

Burbank Woman Detained For More Than 10 Hours For Painting Nails On Southwest Flight

India mulls national Web monitoring agency creation

India to compile ‘world’s biggest’ ID database

Senators to hear pitch for tougher cyber security

Russian Hacker Temporarily Shuts Down Water Supply In Illinois, FBI Probe Launched

Cyberattack investigation centers on Curran-Gardner water pump

Sub-Nanosecond Time Stamps Could Feed Regulatory Trails

ECB Blows Up Europe? Creates ‘Super-Immune’ Elite Bonds … Throws Credit Market into Disarray

Fed mulling sterilized bond purchases: report

Ben Bernanke Says That His Son Will Graduate With 0,000 Of Student Loan Debt

Geithner arrested? 116 major bank resignations? What The Finance is this?

Mass Banking Resignations Signal a Purging Has Begun?

Fifth of British new graduates jobless

More than a third of graduates stuck in ‘low skilled’ jobs at time of rising unemployment

Electricity Set to Become a Luxury Item in Australia

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12 thoughts on “GGN: War on Terror is War on Liberty, LulzSec Leader FBI Informant, NWO for Dummies

  1. lol the drugs have to be dealt in the right way.. trough politicians, not
    the common man. Still here in The Netherlands we deal out in the open..
    Dont think that when port authority finds a cocaine load worth 500 million
    euro they’ll incinerate the contraband, they sell it back to the streets.
    KACHING 500 mil +! And here in Holland i can get ,Coke, speed, crack, mdma,
    xtc and speed without ANY hassle. Police? never around when the dealers
    are, but when i hang around a bench to long, i gotta go

  2. @cmonconan Ps. i only smoke the ganja so dont think im doing all those
    drugs, those drugs dont do you any good, i’ve lost A LOT of friends to
    drugs. And Cannabis Sativa is the goddess of all the plants so in a satanic
    world hemp would be illegal..oh wait we live in a satanic world! – Economy
    can be restarted with the legalization of growing hemp. Hemp is the magic
    plant that WILL set you free. (And not by smoking the stuff, well, a little)

  3. Darko, i have a serious question, please don’t be offended but i would like
    an answer if you culd give one, please: God impregnated Mary without her
    consent Nor her permission and that act, regardless of whom committed it,
    is by definition is rape. So why is that okay???

  4. @beartocouch Dude, I wasn’t offended by your comments on my DDarko2012
    videos last night but now I think you are taking offense yourself or
    pre-judging me here. I left a few comments in response to your comment and
    when I checked today they were gone so I’m not going into this again. I’ll
    just say that you must think because I mentioned God and the lack of belief
    in it(not a white bearded white dude who scorns and punished like you were
    injecting before) but God-mind..the everything. All of us.

  5. @beartocouch ..You must assume I’m affiliated with a religious
    organization. I’m not and I’m not a bible preacher & never have. Those who
    are or do are fine in my opinion & I’m not offended by them or atheist. I
    have said publicly numerous times I have respect for atheist as they don’t
    believe in things they can’t empirically prove.The examples you used in
    your last comments were all based off using force/violence.Saying using
    Muslim suicide bombers & right wing abortion bombers is not fair.

  6. @beartocouch …Being that my PC is under attack and making these videos is
    usually a pain in the ass I’m under some stress here dude and spoke from
    the heart. I should’ve just said the problem is people have lost touch with
    the mother earth and each other and God-mind cause that’s what I meant but
    even then I would have to take a half hour/40 minutes when I just want to
    work out clean and eat to explain myself so as not to offend anyone.

  7. @beartocouch …Since you are asking me a religious based question I’ll
    give you a religious based answer okay? I don’t know if Mary the Virgin
    Mother was a virgin and gave birth to Jesus of Nazareth. I wasn’t there and
    couldn’t tell you. My honest opinion was she was artificially inseminated
    and Jesus then went on to marry Mary Magdaline and had a son, but that is
    conjecture and I can’t prove it. I don’t care about the truth of Jesus or
    what religion is better.

  8. @beartocouch You asked me last night: “I’ve found that people whom believe
    in an afterlife don’t respect their life here as much as me.” My answer to
    that is that it is not so much that they don’t respect life as it is they
    don’t fear death. (Again normal peaceful people not your minority example
    of suicide bombers) Not saying all atheist fear death but simply responding
    to your question. To take that further I personally always feel more than
    what I see. I know there’s a creator/afterlife.

  9. @beartocouch Lastly.. No I cannot give you physical proof of a non physical
    reality while in a physical reality. Its called faith and you can’t buy it
    at the store or learn it at a school.

  10. @ddarko2012 I wasn’t asking for proof, only your opinion as you seem an
    intelligent person. I asked because at least to me your videos seem faith
    based and you seem to believe in the Satanic agenda of the elite “Jews” and
    though I personally do not believe in the “Satanic” part of it, it
    intrigues me that we of separate “faiths” tend to believe in so much of the
    same things going on in this world al la the illuminati and their agenda of
    depopulation, one world government and world control =)

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