Four Corners – Game of Loans – 30 March 2015

Four Corners reporter Stephen Long exposes the highly questionable business practices of so called ‘payday’ lenders.

6 thoughts on “Four Corners – Game of Loans – 30 March 2015

  1. well, doesnt some responsibility have to be placed on the people who are
    either uneducated or ignorant enough to get themselves into strife to begin
    with ?? i understand this is sad, but many, many people struggle. how about
    living within your means & not expecting that you are entitled to more than
    you can afford. i myself struggle but still have a little to give to the
    poor who are less fortunate than me. i dont have or expect half of what
    some of these folks have. go without & save & if you cant do that then dont
    cry about being a victim. you choose to borrow. respectfully then go back
    to the old school & if you want extravagances learn to save SAVE SAVE.
    Also, do you expect the politicians who grow fat on the plebiscites money
    to really give a stuff about us ???? however the people struggle they have
    full & plenty, whatever they tell the poor to accept they wont have
    criminals, druggies or un skilled immigrants living next door to them. wake
    up, help yourself & stop crying to those who are wealthy & dont give a

  2. The ASIC looks like a mother fucker who doesnt care

    Amazing this shit happens in Australia….lucky country my ass
    CHINA slowing down and so will the Down Under.

    Australia is so expensive that people on benefits are virtually beggars.

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