Finance Professionals Meet to Discuss Future of Accounting | Xerocon Australia 2014 | Xero

Xerocon Australia 2014 is done and dusted – and what a huge success it was! 1300 people and 83 exhibitors attended the accounting conference in Sydney to get the latest news from the world of cloud accounting.

Xero Australia Managing Director Chris Ridd was thrilled with the event, commenting on how important the current changes in the industry are.

“What we’re seeing in the accounting industry is a lot of digital disruption – and that’s being spoken about across multiple industries, and accounting is really feeling it.

“The great thing about Xerocon this year is we’ve had a lot of external speakers – from Telstra, we’ve had futurists, we’ve had a lot of people come here and talk about where this is all going.

“There’s also the need for a lot of accountants, bookkeepers and financial advisors to think differently, to embrace change and think about how it can positively impact their business and practice – and not fear it! So make that positive change because you’ll be more productive, more efficient and service customers a lot better,” explains Chris.

Another speaker at Xerocon included Consumer Psychologist Adam Ferrier, who thinks Xero is one of the brands that’s “doing everything right.”

“It creates hype… and for accounting software to do that – that’s an interesting brand to be associated with.”

Check out this Xerocon Australia 2014 wrap up video to hear from these guys and more, including Michael Ossipoff, Director Capability and Innovation at Telstra, and Elixir Consulting’s Sue Viskovic.

As Xero CEO Rod Drury says, “We’re really showing people the future of accounting”.

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