Experian’s “Home Loan” Commercial (:15) – Credit Swagger

At Experian, we know you can rock that credit swagger. FICO® Scores are used in 90 percent of credit decisions. Before you talk with your lender about getting a loan, be sure you know your FICO® Score by enrolling in Experian Credit Tracker from Experian and own that swagger. It looks good on you!

Available with enrollment in Experian Credit Tracker: http://ex.pn/1xv6Ktj

Watch more Experian commercials and see how you can get your credit swagger on the Experian YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/experianUS

7 thoughts on “Experian’s “Home Loan” Commercial (:15) – Credit Swagger

  1. act like this in my office, and the red DENIED stamp is coming out. Besides
    which, the score you get here, is bogus, meaningless, and used by precisely
    ZERO lenders across the nation.

  2. she’s hot…the actress but in the tv version she says kaboom
    differently…I like the tv version

  3. This is an edited version. It’s a very funny commercial, but the best parts
    are omitted from this clip.

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