Everyone Is Approved Auto Loan Scams | 100% Loan Approvals

Auto Loan Scams – http://alphaautocredit.com – This is a great video with some straight talk about those “everyone is approved” auto loan claims you see online. Here are some other online claims you might see that are misleading:

– 100% Accepted Car Loans
– {videoDescription} Down Car – Bad Credit‎
– Bad Credit 100% Accepted‎
– Car Loan 100% Accepted‎
– Zero Down Auto Loans‎
– No Minimum Down Payment Car Loan

Nearly all of these claims are false and misleading…so what do they really mean? When you see auto loan ads for 100% accepted, 97% accepted, etc. it means that 100% of the loan applications completed will be “ACCEPTED” by the website, auto dealer, or lender. It does not mean that 100% of people that fill out an online loan application will be “APPROVED” for an auto loan.

So what should you do? Do a Google search for “Bad Credit Car Loans” and you’ll see what we mean.

So what about claims of ZERO Down auto loans? Only those with the highest credit scores would stand a chance of getting an auto loan with zero down. The bottom line is if you have bad credit or poor credit you’ll have to put some money down.

More misleading Ads:
– 100% Bad Credit Accepted
– Bad or No Credit? 100% Approval
– Guaranteed in 60 Seconds
– 60 Second Loan Approvals

No bank or lender is going to guarantee you financing in 60 seconds. You’ll need to bring proof of insurance, possibly a drivers license, utility bill, rent or mortgage payment receipt, and several pay stubs.

Alpha Auto Credit won’t make some of the claims you see above, but we will do our best to make sure you get placement in our lender and dealer network along with a commitment that someone will follow up with you.

In the event you are turned down for auto financing, we can provide some guidance and resources to fix any bruises on your credit or help you with a with a roadmap to put you in the drivers seat of a new or used vehicle.

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