EU presses Greece to fulfill its debt commitments 유로존 “그리스, 조건 이행하라”

Over in Athens,…
With a new anti-austerity prime minister now leading Greece,… the country faces a daunting task of HOW it′s going to renegotiate the country′s massive bailout loans.
And as the European Union comes down on Greece,… there′s the question of whether the differences will eventually push the country… out of the eurozone.
Our Shin Se-min has the details.
With radical leftist Alexis Tsipras sworn in as Greece′s new prime minister on Monday,… the debt-crippled nation is demanding its debt be cut as part of a plan to renegotiate the bailout package.
Tsipras is calling for forgiveness of nearly a third of the country′s more than 3-hundred billion U.S. dollar debt.
But nations in the eurozone and international creditors showed no sign of giving in to the demand.
The new Greek leader′s stance directly goes against Germany′s Chancellor Angela Merkel,… a chief advocate of the austerity program.
A spokesman from the German government urged Greece to fulfill its commitments to its European creditors… a sentiment that was backed up by the group of eurozone finance ministers.
Echoing the sentiment, the Eurogroup chair said eurozone financial leaders are ready to work things out with Greece, but that quote “There is very little support for a write-off in Europe”… and Eurogroup members should abide by the rules and commitments.

“So there is still major work to be done, in which we will support the Greek government on the basis of true cooperation and commitment, and that′s the basis on which we will work.”
The big differences between the new Greek leader and the creditors fuel concerns of the so-called “Grex-it,” or a Greek exit from the eurozone.
The majority of the Greeks and Syriza have said they want to stay in the euro.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News.