Eritrea: 2013 agricultural output lower that expected | Eri-TV News

Asmara, 01 February 2014 — The Ministry of Agriculture indicated that the predicted level of harvest for the year 2013 could not be met in connection with limited rainfall despite the putting in place of various agricultural infrastructures, the correlation of which phenomenon is closely associated with climatic change.

It made the remark at an assessment meeting on January 30 and 31, during which it was stated that a number of accomplishments have been registered regarding soil and water conservation, construction of ponds, and preparation of farmland, as well as environmental conservation, among others. Accordingly, an instance of desert locust swarm in some areas of the Northern Red Sea region could be controlled thanks to the commitment of agriculture experts and communities.

Other achievements of the year as regards animal production also pertain to furthering feed output level, vaccination, distribution of chicks and breeding of dairy and beef species, while widespread introduction of energy-conserving wood stove across the country has made positive impact as regards prevention of deforestation.

The meeting further noted that significant research work has been made pursuing development of select seeds, and that a number of farmers have become beneficiaries of them, besides the implementation of an effective program seeking introduction of temperate fruits.

The Ministry has set a 5-year program for implementation effective this year which involves a total of 48 projects, and it has called for integrated community participation thereof.

The participants of the meeting exchanged views on several issues. In closing remarks, the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, noted that the Ministry should exert efforts towards laying the groundwork for higher communal input in a bid to realizing the cherished food security goal.

Massawa, 01 February 2014 — Members of the NUEYS in the Northern Red Sea region have voiced resolve to step up input in national development activities. They made the pledge last Thursday at an assessment meeting, during which it was stated that sustained efforts have been exerted in a bid to nurture competent youths through reinforcing organization.(read more….

Asmara, 01 February 2014 — Eritrean community members in Australia and New Zealand have extended a total of USD 82,800 in support of 115 families of martyrs in line with their initiative to patronize them for 2 years. They also expressed readiness to continue extending financial support to families of fallen heroes.(read more…

Keren, 01 February 2014 — The Micro-credit and Saving Program’s branch in Anseba region indicated that endeavors exerted in 2013 towards promoting income-generating activities through making available credit opportunities amounting to 45 million Nakfa have borne commendable impact.

It made the remark at a meeting in Keren city, during which it was stated that a total of 134 multi-functional village banks are rendering service in 15 sub-zones, and that the beneficiaries comprise farmers, and civil servants, as well as nationals engaged in merchandizing activities. It was also indicated that 90% of the credit fund has been reimbursed.(read more….

Elabered, 01 February 2014 — The inhabitants of Elabered sub-zone are engaged in popular undertakings involving construction of terraces and water catchment walls, as well as renovation of dirt roads and micro-dams vis-à-vis preparation of farmland.(read more….


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