Ep.17 | Who’s Your Personal Banker? Financing your Investment Property


This time on The Property Couch, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley drilled down a little bit more on one of the Four Pillars of Mastery: Borrowing Power.

The theory of getting your finance right is to think about two to three properties or loans in advance whilst you are setting up the current one. But a lot of people won’t be able to do that simply because they don’t have the knowledge or experience to do so. Instead, they go to a bank or lender and hope that the banker will sort it out for them. They assumed that the person they dealt with will be their personal banker. But that’s not necessarily true. The banker works for the bank and probably doesn’t have the capacity to conduct a thorough analysis on your loan strategy and structure. It’s something like going to the GP and asking them to perform a knee surgery. You wouldn’t do that. Listen to this podcast to find out who Bryce and Ben thinks should be your personal banker instead. They will also be discussing about cross-securitisation, stand alone lending and more.

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