ENYA – Enterprise Network for Young Australians CEO Jeremy Liddle

Entrepreneurial thinking can change the world!
It creates freedom, personal security, solves social/environmental issues and lifts entire countries out of poverty
We can create an Australia of job creators, instead of job seekers
Helping millions of people succeed in business is Jeremy Liddle’s legacy

Not-For-Profit established in 2003 with the Patronage/Endorsement of then Prime Minister John Howard

Purpose: To be the peak body for young entrepreneurs
Represent Entrepreneurs to advise Gov’t leaders on importance of youth entrepreneurs
Meet with Ministers re Policy and Education

Founding Member of G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (www.g20yea.com)

For the last 10 years ENYA has been the voice of start-ups to Gov’t and worked with NAB providing Micro Loans to over 100 businesses

Australia will lead the world in entrepreneurial innovation.
Whether founding an innovating startup or adding value as innovative employees, every Australian will understand that Entrepreneurship is a viable and valuable career.

Represent, educate, empower & assist in funding young entrepreneurs in order to improve the Australian enterprise landscape.

Industry Voice, Nexus & Ecosystem creator
ENYA is a collaborative, A-political organisation that can glue the fragmented entrepreneur focused communities together

What is the role of ENYA?
Select & lead the Australian delegation to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance summits
Help young entrepreneurs get access to bank loans, angel & VC/PE funding
Mentor young entrepreneurs & support education & events
Represent entrepreneurs and lobby Government
Goal: Membership of 10,000 Young Entrepreneurs
ENYA Ambassadors on the ground nationally
Strategic partnerships across Government, Corporate, Incubators, Funds, Industry, Universities & Schools