Dr. Tim Thabe on peer-to-peer lending | WHU Inside Business

Dr. Tim Thabe, Co-Founder of creditshelf, about peer-to-peer lending in an environment of zero interest rate policy at WHU Inside Business.

Recorded: 11th of November 2016

Interview overview:

► 0:29 What is the general concept of peer-to-peer lending and how does the company creditshelf implement it?

► 2:01 What are the main challenges for a start-up following this business model?

► 2:46 Why is it still difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain working capital funding despite the low interest rate environment?

► 3:45 What are the associated risks and advantages of the new asset class (unsecure working capital loans) for the investors?

► 5:38 What were your personal reasons to start your own business?

► 6:39 How will the market environment for this business models evolve in the future regarding growing competition by established companies?

The interview is hosted by Dr. Katrin Baedorf, Director at the Center of Asset and Wealth Management at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

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